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Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

Our dogs are family – there’s no denying it. And because they are, we want to take care of them and keep them as healthy and happy as we can. That’s why more pet parents are turning to fresh dog food options for their furry family members. Just Food For Dogs (JFFD) is one that dogs (and their humans) are raving about.

The only problem with our dogs is that their lives are just too short. We want to do everything we can to keep them with us as long as we can.

That’s why the popularity of fresh pet food has grown exponentially in the last several years. Processed kibble often cooks off (read: kills) so much of the nutrition our dogs need and turning to freshly made options reigns as a healthy alternative.

But what should you know about fresh pet food?

Fresh Pet Food Basics

The reality is that our dogs’ health depends on their gut health just as much as our gut health guides our overall health. Fresh pet foods are most often made with high-quality ingredients, using whole foods and typically can even be consumed safely by humans.

Pet food standards in the United States are there for your dog’s safety, but the truth is that they often hold dry kibble to low standards in both quality and safety. You may think you’re feeding your premium ingredients based on the incredible marketing that goes into even the high-dollar brands, but…you may instead be feeding them kibble that’s made with diseased animal parts. It’s true—certain parts or carcasses of animal that are rejected for humans can be processed into feed for animals. Not to mention many kibbles contain fillers that aren’t good for your dog’s gut and they are often processed at super high temperatures that are known to produce carcinogens.

And yes, even the best dog kibbles can fall in this category.

Fresh pet food ingredients aren’t cooked at those high temperatures, use ingredients that are often designated as human-grade and can truly be absorbed for maximum nutrition for your dog.

Just Food For Dogs: Nothing Else Needed

When Just Food For Dogs founder Shawn Buckley adopted his first dog Simon, he rescued him as just a puppy. For nine years, he fed Simon what he thought was good food, and then he was shocked to find out what was legally allowed to be in Simon’s food. He found labels to be misleading and dangerous, and the pet-food industry itself to be entirely self-regulated and broken at that.

He began to cook for his own dogs and immediately, he realized the difference in clean, fresh food. His neighbors and friends realized the benefits, and Shawn knew this was how dogs needed to be fed. With a team of veterinarians and specialists he assembled to develop healthy and nutritionally balanced meals, he launched the first-ever kitchen for dogs in 2010. The best part? It was an open kitchen, meaning anyone who wanted to could see exactly went into their dogs’ food.

Knowing they could do better for all dogs, JFFD aimed to be completely transparent and to base all their food decisions on scientific evidence showing benefit for dogs. As advocates for pet health and rescue efforts, they lead the way to drive positive change in the pet food industry.

What Makes Just Food For Dogs Different?

As we said, the popularity of fresh pet foods has grown in the last several years, so we investigated what makes JFFD different. Not only does JFFD create meals that are formulated by vets, dog nutritionists, dog dermatologists and toxicology experts, but they do so based on what science shows to be the best ingredients around.

They use ingredients that are known to improve coat and skin health, as well as increase your dog’s energy and immune system strength, and overall work to keep your dog healthier for longer.

They do this all in their specially designated kitchens; two master kitchens and nine smaller kitchens all open to the public to see the love, care and science that goes into creating the best meal for your dogs.

All recipes include USDA inspected and approved meats for humans, as well as additional high-quality superfood ingredients like sweet potato and blueberries. Many of the ingredients used in Just Food For Dogs recipes are the same that are supplied to stores and restaurants that feed us humans.

Most importantly, though, is the commitment JFFD must be a transparent food brand. All the food is prepared in open kitchens anyone can see, and they conduct independent feeding trials that meet or exceed the Association of American Feed Control (AAFCO) expectations. This organization is the one that sets standards for pet foods, and JFFD goes above and beyond in all their recipes.

What Goes Into Just Food For Dogs?

JFFD has tons of different meal recipes and ordering options. When you set up the profile for your dog, you’ll be asked whether or not your dog has allergies to any foods, how their weight is and what activity level they experience. You’ll be able to set goals for the food you’re going to give (boost immunity, lose weight, picky eating, etc.) and you’ll get a recommendation with several additional options from which you can choose. The six daily diets include: Beef & Russet Potato, Fish & Sweet Potato, Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni, Chicken & White Rice, Lamb & Brown Rice and Venison & Squash. Quarterly, a limited-time seasonal option is also offered.

Additionally, if you have special needs for your dog, with a veterinary subscription, you can also choose from the following support diets: Balanced Remedy Derm Support Fish, Metabolic Support, Low Fat Renal Support, Moderate Protein, Critical Care Support, Hepatic Support Low Fat, Renal Support Low Protein and Joint & Skin Support.

One of our favorite offerings is their Do-It-Yourself Kits. Each DIY kit makes about 30 pounds of homemade food and comes with a recipe, a shopping list, the nutrient blend, and feeding guidelines based on your dog’s specific caloric intake. It’s a great way to involve the whole human family in caring for your dogs, and kids love to be part of the process. The kits include the following recipes: Beef & Russet Potato, Fish & Sweet Potato, Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni, Chicken & White Rice, Lamb & White Rice and Venison & Squash.

What’s really cool is that because they have their own teams of veterinarians and nutritionists, if your dog needs a specialized diet, you can have a custom diet created just for them.

How Can I Get Just Food For Dogs?

If you go to the JFFD site, you’ll be able to take the quick survey that asks you about your dog to find the best recipe. You can then make your choices from their site. They ship to all 50 states. JFFD is also available on Amazon, as well as several Petco stores nationwide. Additionally, you can find them at over 200 pantries in animal clinics and hospitals and in California, you can find them in Pet Food Express stores.

They offer healthy treats and supplements formulated in the same thoughtful and pet-focused way. Even though they’re called Just Food For Dogs, they didn’t forget their feline friends and have a Feline Daily Diet and salmon bark treats for kitties too.

So if you’ve ever considered fresh pet food for your dogs—know you’re not alone! And if you’re looking for premium quality made transparently with your dog’s total health in mind? Look no further than Just Food For Dogs.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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