Licks Liquid Vitamins Will Get Your Dog’s Tongue Wagging

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At the recent Global Pet Expo, we got to meet the fine folks from Licks, a new liquid vitamin product that’s 100 percent all natural. Not only does it help boost your dog’s health, but it tastes like roast chicken – and what’s not to love about that!

Licks comes in three different formulas that can be added to food or water. Each offers high absorption vitamins that your dog will love to lap up.

A wonderful supplement that’s ideal for all dogs, Joint + Health can be taken every day. Packed with wild-caught sardines and anchovies, as well as glucosamine, Joint + Health promotes healthy joint and heart functions. This is thanks to all the Omega 3s it contains (which also can balance unhealthy amounts of Omega 6 found in some dogs’ diets).

Does your dog have a happy place? If the answer is no, then perhaps a little Zen should be on the menu. This Lick’s supplement is made for dogs that experience anxiety, poor mood or aggressive behavior. Just add Zen to your dog’s food or water and let its holistic calming ingredients go to work. Totally groovy!

For dog’s that are always on the go, Lick’s Athlete formula gives them the added kick they need. It contains a high performance blend of vitamins and electrolytes. These ingredients hep maximize muscle function and improve muscle recovery.

A box of five packets retails for $13.50. To find a local retailer or to purchase, visit Lick’s website.