What You Need To Know About Indoor Dog Parks

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington
There’s no excuse to sit on the couch with your dog all winter – get moving and check out indoor dog parks near you!

When the cold winds of winter start to blow, it can be difficult to ensure that your dog gets enough daily exercise. Even if the cold is bearable, heavy snowfall may make it harder for you to take your dog out for a walk. What many dog owners don’t realize is that there is an easy solution to this problem – indoor dog parks! Indoor dog parks are a great option when outdoor exercise isn’t possible. We’re going to go over the basics about indoor dog parks, and we’ll point you in the direction of a few around the country.

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What is an Indoor Dog Park?

An indoor dog park is exactly what it sounds like – it is an option for recreational exercise available to dogs that is indoors rather than outdoors like a regular dog park. For a per-visit fee, you and your dog can take advantage of dog-friendly indoor activities such as agility obstacles, tubes, toys, and more. If you plan to visit the dog park often you may be able to pay a monthly membership fee rather than paying a per-visit fee. This can save you a great deal of money while providing your dog with excellent opportunities for exercise and play during the cold winter months.

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Why Choose an Indoor Park?

If you have a high-energy dog that needs plenty of daily exercise, you may find it difficult to meet those needs in the winter time when the weather is cold and the sidewalk is covered in snow. Rather than letting your dog suffer, consider taking him to an indoor dog park. Not only is an indoor dog park a great way to exercise your dog in the winter, but it is also a great place for him to make friends. Taking your dog to an indoor dog park is an exercise in socialization and it may also help to strengthen your bond with your dog.

Indoor Dog Parks Near You

Fetch Club – NYC: The fetch club is conveniently located near Wall Street in Manhattan and it functions as a full-service pet spa and hotel as well as an indoor dog park and doggie nightclub. Members receive a certain number of visits in exchange for an annual fee and each additional visit is $8.

Fido’s Indoor Dog Park – Portland, OR: This indoor dog park was built in an old warehouse, outfitted with artificial turf and plenty of activities including a doggie pool. Fido’s Indoor Dog Park features art from local artists on the walls and has perks for humans as well such as free Wi-Fi and a coffee café.

Canine to Five – Detroit, MI: Located in Detroit, Michigan, this indoor dog park is primarily a boarding or day care option but it offers several events throughout the winter where owners and dogs can gather in a social setting.

Zoom Room – Multiple Locations: This indoor dog park facility features a full-scale agility course as well as a variety of obedience and agility classes available for members and their dogs. For a $5 membership fee and a $10 per-visit fee, you and your pooch can play all day.

If you are looking for a solution to the problem of giving your dog enough exercise when outdoor exercise isn’t an option, consider your local indoor dog park!

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

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