3 Sobering Reasons Why Dog Insurance Is Important

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You do everything you can to make sure your precious pooch is safe and happy. In fact, you might even go above and beyond the call of duty at times (he probably doesn’t need you to sing him songs while he’s eating his breakfast, but who’s complaining?). However, what even the most conscientious of dog owners sometimes overlook dog insurance. Either they’re not sure what the fuss is about or it just slips their mind. Learn all about why dog insurance is so important and get your dog fully covered.

In Case of Chronic Illness

Some people avoid getting pet insurance because they know they can avoid the odd veterinary bill here and there, should their dog get sick. Sure, a couple of hundred bucks once in a blue moon isn’t much for some dog owners, but think about what happens if your dog gets a chronic illness. Illnesses such as diabetes and Cushing’s disease are fairly common in dogs and mean you pup will require regular medication and veterinary treatment for the rest of their lives. Depending on the condition and its severity, this could set you back hundreds of dollars every month. That’s money that only the very wealthiest of owners have to spare. If you choose to insure you dog, he’ll be covered, no matter what, so you won’t have to worry about mounting veterinary bills. However, you do have to check individual policy terms, as some policies may have a cap on how much they pay out per condition or per year.

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In Case of an Accident

Even the healthiest and best cared for dogs can get injured in an accident, which can result in huge veterinary fees. Again, it does depend on the severity, but just one accident of injury can leave you with a mountain of vet bills. One serious road accident, or even something like a snake bite, could rack up a vet bill in excess of $20,000. That’s more than some people earn in a year! Owners who haven’t got insurance are left with a gut wrenching choice: get themselves in a huge amount of debt or have their dog euthanized. That’s really not a choice that anyone should have to make. While it’s unlikely that your pooch will get in this bad an accident (knock on wood!), it’s still not a risk worth taking.

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When Good Dogs Do Bad Things

One of the great things about insuring your dog is that most policies come with public liability insurance. This means that if your dog injures someone or damages property, your insurance will cover the costs. Of course, we’re not suggesting that your darling dog will turn into a regular Cujo and terrorize the neighborhood, but your pup could cause some damage just by being a dog, doing dog things. For instance, he could sneak next door and dig up Mrs. Jones’ prize-winning azaleas or, more seriously, get loose, stray into the road and cause a car wreck. Obviously this is a worst case scenario, but if someone was seriously hurt or your pooch managed to cause a good deal of damage, you could be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In an ideal world, your pet will stay healthy and behave himself and you’ll never even have to claim on your insurance. However, just on the off chance that something terrible does happen, it really is wise to invest in an insurance policy. Your bank balance might thank you in the long run!

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