Reducing Dog Insurance Rates With Multi-Pet Insurance

Lauren Corona
by Lauren Corona
More pets means more savings, when you choose multi-pet insurance

We all know that dog insurance is a reliable way of keeping on top of any veterinary bills, should your beloved pet get sick or injured. However, if you have enough animals at home to fill a small zoo (even an extremely small one) then the cost of all these insurance policies can seem daunting. This is where multi-pet insurance can help to reduce your dog insurance rates. Now you can rest assured that your dogs are covered in case of an emergency, without having to spend your entire paycheck on insurance fees.

What is Multi-Pet Insurance?

Multi-pet insurance is exactly what it sounds like: a policy for insuring multiple pets at one. Each animal will get his own insurance policy, but the rates will be cheaper than if you insured them all separately. This is beneficial for anyone who owns two or more pets.

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What Are the Benefits of Multi-Pet Insurance?

The main benefit of multi-pet insurance is obvious: it saves you money. However, it also has another key positive point, in as much as it makes life simpler for you. If all your pet insurance policies are with the same provider, you only have one company to deal with, one monthly or yearly payment, and one place to contact if you want to make changes to or claims on your policies. After all, isn’t life complicated enough already?!

How Does it Work?

The exact way that multi-pet insurance works varies between insurance providers, so you’ll need to check with each company to sort out the specifics. However, the basic principle is that the insurance provider wants your business, and so is willing to cut you a special deal so that you’ll do all your insuring with it. Sometimes you’ll be given a reduction in the form of a percentage, whereas other times the second (or third, or fourth…) policy will be given at a reduced rate. The best thing to do is to contact the company, let them know how many dogs you want to insure and see what the process entails.

Does it Only Work With Dogs?

No, multi-pet insurance isn’t just for dogs. If you also have a cat, rabbit, hamster or any other pet you want to insure, then you can still get a discount if you insure the animal in conjunction with your dog insurance. This is great for anyone who has a diverse range of animals at home, and wants them all to be covered.

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How Much Could You Save With Multi-Pet Insurance?

Once again, the amount you could save will vary between companies and will also depend on the kind of coverage you’re taking out. Be sure to shop around to check which company can offer you the biggest discount with the best terms and coverage type for you. As a rule, the more pets you insure, the more money you’ll save. That’s not to suggest that you should go out and get more dogs, just to save a few bucks on insurance, but if you already have quite a menagerie, it will make things just a little more affordable.

If you do have more than one dog or have another pet in the house, in addition to your dog, then multi-pet insurance is clearly the way to go. Not only will it save you money, it also makes things a lot simpler in the long run. So, you can relax and hope you don’t have to make a claim at all.

Lauren Corona
Lauren Corona

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