Figo’s Pet Cloud Technology: An Innovative Way to Insure Your Pets

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
Is Figo the future of pet insurance? Boasting innovative and mobile features, Figo is a 2.0 pet insurance company for modern pet parents.

Underwritten by Markel Corporation, Figo is a cloud-based insurance company that utilises modern technology to create an efficient and reliable pet insurance system. The “Pet Cloud” is conveniently accessible on the go with their app, available on both Android and Apple devices.

This modern take on the insurance claim process makes it fast and easy to receive your claim reimbursement. Pictures of pet bills and statements can be snapped and uploaded directly to your cloud account without mountains of paperwork to fill out for you and your vet, no slow faxing required. File claims in minutes and get reimbursed directly into your bank account, it’s just that simple.

Something unique to Figo is it’s one-time cover-all deductible fee, which means you won’t be charged a deductible for each ailment your dog may come down with. If your dog gets injured, the deductible you pay based on your plan is the only one you’ll ever pay no matter what! If your dog has another injury, requires an operation, or experiences an illness, you don’t pay another deductible. Period. We haven’t come across any other pet insurance plan to offer this feature… and we like it!

Like most insurance companies, Figo has a variety of policies and deductibles to choose from, based on 3 tiers of coverage to fit your pet care needs. Figo covers everything other than pre-existing conditions, from routine veterinary exam fees, holistic therapy, and surgery to prescriptions, X-rays, prosthetics and more. Of course, the more you pay, the more access you have to the premium features.

The insurance policies cover care by licensed pet specialists and Veterinarians anywhere in Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico. Figo also works with companies to provide corporate insurance plans to employees.

Figo stores all of your pet’s medical files in their easy to use Cloud app, meaning your pet’s information is instantly available in the palm of your hand no matter the emergency. This feature comes in handy if you’re away from home when something happens to your pet. The app also keeps track of your pet’s immunisation records and it can send you a reminder via text or email when it’s time for a scheduled shot. Have a question about your policy? You can send a text message to a Figo representative and get a fast answer, no matter where you are.

In an emergency, the app can also use your location to tell you what authorised pet medical specialists are nearby. It can also recommend pet-friendly stores and hotels in your area. Figo also works as GPS tracker, showing you the location of your pet in real time. All your pet needs are located in one convenient app.

With it’s wide range of plan options and one-time deductible, Figo provides a truly unique and easy pet insurance service to pet parents who care deeply about the health and safety of their animals. It’s a great choice for the modern pet owner who requires a fast, no-nonsense, plan to fit their busy lifestyle.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the Figo website for plan rates and information.

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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