Royal Corgis Make Way for Jack Russell Terriers

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

New palace pooches get the royal treatment they deserve.

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Guilty pleasure alert. Okay, let’s be honest and admit that with the final installation of that hit series “The Crown” launching this month, we’re all getting swept back up into the trials and tribulations of our fave British soap stars – the “royals”. For me, as I noshed down on a crumpet and slowly dunked my Tetley tea bag up and down into my steeping cuppa, I began to ponder the empty halls of Buckingham Palace. Not that I spend a lot of time thinking about the palatial abodes but now that the corgis have relocated to Fergie’s digs, wouldn’t these massive spaces seem rather hollow without the click-click-click of busy feet and the excited yapping of that famed furry troop?

So, I did a bit of digging and was chuffed (British slang for pleased) to see that the new monarchs have long been about taking the Adopt not Shop approach to acquiring their four-legged companions. And this goes back to well before they ascended to the throne. Unlike some American Presidents who seem to introduce an official White House dog immediately after taking up residence, Charles and Camilla were already co-habiting with two Jack Russell terriers.

Yes, Beth and Bluebell are a couple of lucky dogs that Camilla adopted from London’s famed Battersea Dogs and Cats Home back in 2017. Dumped by her previous owner, Beth was in desperate need of a loving home. Fast forward and like many of us, Camilla caved, stating "We thought it would be nice for her to have a friend”. Yes, I’ve been there, done that and now have three! Well, just a few weeks later, wee Bluebell was found wandering in the woods in pretty rough shape. Covered in sores and missing most of her fur, this little Cinderella was about to be adopted and nursed back to health by England’s most famous couple.

Friendly, lively and completely in love with kids, Beth and Bluebell have been given free rein to explore “nearly everywhere” as they wander the rooms of some of the oldest and most revered castles in all of England. Everywhere except the royal bed, where sleep-overs are a no-no according to Camilla.

Want to know a little secret? At Charles’s May 2023 coronation, the beautiful golden embroidery gracing Camilla’s spectacular silk gown included two little Jack Russell terriers along the trim. All together now… awww!

"The nice thing about dogs is you can sit them down, you could have a nice long conversation, you could be cross, you could be sad and they just sit looking at you wagging their tail." We know, Camilla, we know!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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