Tried & Tested: Real Quotes From 7 Trustworthy Pet Insurance Comp

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
One of the doubts you have about investing in pet insurance may be the integrity of the insurance provider. We picked eight reputable pet insurance companies and applied for quotes – here’s what happened.

For those who think pet insurance is only for the rich, famous or pedigree crowd, think again. Today’s insurance is affordable, practical and it speaks to the everyday needs of your average pet parent living with a pure- or mixed-breed dog.

Of course with any health insurance it’s important to shop around to ensure you understand the best options for your little guy, determine a realistic deductible and find a price that fits your monthly budget. And with a little legwork that will probably take you less time than your Black Friday on-line shopping spree, you’ll be ready to make your coverage decision!

Already starting to feel overwhelmed with the myriad of pet insurance products on the market? Don’t be! Listed below are eight well-known pet insurance agencies and I’ve done a little sleuthing on your behalf to get you started.

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This is definitely an à la carte format, starting with the basic coverage and price points of $15.67, $39.50, $54.03 and $73.79 US / month. All four covered injuries and chronic conditions however only the two more expensive options covered hereditary or genetic conditions – a possible issue for purebred dogs. Upgrades can be purchased and include annual exams, dental cleaning, vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm meds and microchip. For more info on rates and coverage, visit the ASPCA pet insurance website.


Three price points include $31.00 for bronze, $33.49 for silver or $36.37 for gold. They offered a generous cap on veterinary expenses ranging from $10,000 to $14,000 to $22,000 respectively and all plans covered the usual vet-related issues such as accidents, injuries, exam fees, and dental treatments. The silver plan even includes the replacement cost of your pet due to theft or straying as well as the cost of advertising and reward! Plus, it has a super cute real-time chat room. For more info on rates and coverage, visit the PetPlan website.

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This organization toggles between Canada and the US and can quote you in either currency. My quote was for $50.62 monthly, based on a $200 deductible – which seems a bit steep to me given coverage does not include exam fees, preventative care including dental cleanings and vaccinations. However, Trupanion does have one of the highest ratings for consumer satisfaction, so paying more for quality service may be a deciding factor for you. For more info on rates and coverage, visit Trupanion.

Embrace Pet Insurance:

Hmmm… three visits to their site net me three different quotes. Two plans priced at $56.98 and $72.04 magically changed to $30.76 and $44.72 on a later attempt, so probably worth a phone call. Coverage includes accidents and illness, as well as genetic conditions such as hip dysplasia and routine medical exams and tests. For more info on rates and coverage, visit Embrace Pet Insurance.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance:

This insurance provider offered up one rate ($50.32) based on a $100 deductible and 80% reimbursement level. The percentage of reimbursement and the amount of deductible seems to crop up frequently and can heavily influence rates. If you have a breed that is prone to medical issues, something to keep in mind. Coverage includes accidents and illness as well as hereditary conditions. For more info on rates and coverage, visit the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance website.

Pets Best Insurance:

While price points begin at a low $27.51 per month with a $100 deductible, this plan covers just the basics including accidents, illness and hereditary conditions. To secure coverage that includes exam fees and rehabilitation services, your plan premiums jump to $49.63 albeit with a higher annual coverage limit of $10,000. For more info on rates and coverage, visit Pets Best Insurance.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI):

VPI is backed by Nationwide insurance providers. Plans range from the basic $17.75 per month with an annual $400 maximum to $95.38 per month with an unlimited maximum and coverage that includes accident, illness, hereditary as well as dental diseases, eye disorders, alternative and holistic treatments. All were priced for a $100 deductible. For more info on rates and coverage, visit Veterinary Pet Insurance.

Keep in mind that the cheapest rate necessarily means it’s the best plan. Do your research – check out customer ratings and comments on social media and review sites. Even though you may pay more for certain providers, you want to be ensured that you’re reimbursed when the time comes.

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