Types of Dogs You’ll Meet on the Campground

Kevin Roberts
by Kevin Roberts
Summer time – when city dogs pack up their families for some adventures in the woods. Here is the definitive list of every dog you will meet on the campground.

The Party Animal: The party animal plays hard and lives life loud! This ain’t no lone wolf; the Party Animal is most often found in the company of others. He’s more likely to be observed (or heard) late at night and into the early mornings. But then tends to quiet down again by noon. Party animals are often nocturnal. Party animals can never have too many toys, or other dogs around. The more noise, the better. They like their music loud and they sing along proud! If you are camping next to a Party Animal, it is likely this is the only wildlife you’ll encounter all weekend.

Campfire storyteller: Gather round. This dog has a few tails to tell. Should you be lucky enough to encounter a campground storyteller, they’ll delight you for hours with stories of past adventures and expeditions. You can often spot a good story teller by the amount of grey on their muzzles. The grayer the muzzle, the more life they’ve experienced. Take some time, listen to their stories and be inspired.

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Friends with Everyone: A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. This social butterfly dog is extremely happy to meet everyone. New friends can be found anywhere. The beach, the hiking trail, the outhouse, anywhere others have gathered is a party scene. Usually a wagging tail is enough to make fast friends wherever this pup goes, but sometimes this can get him into trouble. Skunks. Bears. Cougars. All are just potential new playmates to this happy camper!

Watch Dog Worrier: Don’t come near my campsite. No squirrels. No bears. No deer. No leaves. Just NO! To human ears it may sound like “Bark, Bark, Bark” but that’s canine speak for “I am the sworn protector of this tent, and all of the people who reside in it. Tread carefully around me, for I will destroy any who dare cross me! Except maybe, if you like, have cookies? I really do like cookies. BUT THE REST OF YOU BETTER STAY AWAY!” Fun Fact: The smaller the Watch Dog Worrier, the bigger their bark.

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Busy Nanny: Just because they are on vacation doesn’t mean that they can relax. The Busy Nanny understands that the woods can be full of dangers and it’s their job to keep an eye on the young humans of the family. Each Busy Nanny has their own style. Some keep the kids out of trouble by keeping them engaged all day, thus tiring them out for a guaranteed good night’s sleep, while others appear to have a more passive approach to their charges. No matter the style, the Busy Nanny ensures that kids stay safe and make great summer memories.

Beach Bum: This dog loves the sun and the waves! Happiest with all four paws in the water at all times, the Beach Bum will tirelessly fetch anything and everything they can, all day long. Always down for a boat ride, a jump off the dock, or chasing some frogs around. Beach Bum humans have learned to pack extra towels and embrace the wet dog smell.

Van Life: This guy has the life to envy! Of no fixed address, he makes his home in a van down by the river. It’s just that the river is always changing. But so is life, man. Van Life dog understands that we live in the moment. And he has the Instagram account to prove it!

Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts lives for adventure. Together with his pack of rescue dogs and his husband, he spends as much time outdoors as possible. Kevin lives by the motto: "Get outside and play with your dogs!

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