Pack a Pooch in the Awesome Dogpack

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Take the path less traveled, with your dog firmly – and comfortably – strapped to your back. Back the Dogpack Kickstarter campaign to be the first to own one!

This cool tote/dog carrier/knapsack is akin to the Swiss Army Knife of backpacks. It follows the US Military designed “Molle” expandable system that delivers a lightweight system of lugging, just about everything you own in one nifty little shoulder satchel – including your pooch!

Seriously! In addition to having the usual nooks and crannies one would expect for cell phones, snacks and all our important stuff, the Dogpack has an internal padded seat and safety leash to ensure your little guy stays comfy and safe when being toted around.

The unit is manufactured in a water resistant fabric, comes in black or grey and in sizes scaled to the size of your pooch (think XXS for a Chihuahua through to M for a Frenchie).

Side mesh air vents and a porthole from which Rover can watch the world go by make this an ideal set-up for pet owners who may want to bike or hike distances with a smaller dog that may not be up for a lengthy trek. A rugged handle makes the unit easy to lift up once you’ve added your pup and a water bladder that holds 2.5 liters of water means he stays cool and comfortable on your journey and can even enjoy a bevvie during breaks.

Optional accessories for the Dogpack include an eyeglass holder, water bottle holder and both zipped and unzipped pouches for additional storage during those extra-long excursions.

If by now you’re wondering how you lived this long without this small dog support system we have good news! The Dogpack has reached the prototype stage and is poised to move forward with production through a Kickstarter campaign. For a limited time only, you can purchase a Small sized version of the Dogpack (suitable for a Pug-sized pooch) including membership to the PugGear Army which includes promo offers and updates for just $65 USD, (retail value $99.99 USD). And for multi-pet households you can purchase two Dogpacks in the sizes of your choice as well as membership to the PugGear Army for just $140 USD (retail value $250.00 USD). Delivery is slated for April 2017 – just in time for the summer!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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