6 Super Star Puppy Tips for Country-Crooner Brett Eldredge

As if country singer Brett Eldredge couldn’t get any cuter, he’s added an adorable little puppy named Edgar to his squad. We’ve put together a few puppy tips just for the country star.

Although the “Drunk on Your Love” singer/songwriter hasn’t shared many details about the dog yet, like where he got him from, the specific breed or exactly how old the adorable puppy is, you can tell that they have quickly become best buds. Usually filled with workouts, songs and crazy antics, his Snapchat account for the past week has been 90 percent Edgar.

I’m not complaining. Cute singer. Cute dog. Does it get any better than that?

Since it seems like this might be Eldredge’s first puppy, and through this Snapchat videos, he has said the dog will be on the tour bus with him, I thought I would share some tips on how to make this relationship between dog and man the most successful it can be.

  1. Get a crate. Please, please, please get him a crate.

I know you may want to snuggle with him all night, and it makes for ridiculously cute Snapchat content, but crate training is so important. I cannot stress this enough, especially since Edgar will be on the road, in strange places and interacting with a lot of people.

It’s good for him to have a safe place that he feels comfortable in, and he feels is his home. His crate can then be used throughout his life in various situations, like during an interview with a not so pet-friendly reporter or when you are on stage.

Getting him used to a crate when he is young will help when he is older.

  1. Hire a trusted dog trainer.

As a tour bus dog, Edgar is going to be around a lot of people, and will not only have to be well socialized, but well trained. No matter how many dogs a person has, or how many classes a person has already taken, it’s always important to get a few professional sessions in with trainer. Look into the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen program. It would be a nice title for him to have given the number of people he will come in contact with.

Plus, think about how awesome it would be to take him on stage and perform tricks with him during a song. A well-trained dog who listens to you, could take your shows up a notch.

  1. Give him a little space.

Piggybacking on the training aspect, you and him are spending a lot of time together, which is great. But, it has the potential to cause separation anxiety. Trust me, I have had that problem with my dog, Toby.

Spending so much time on a tour bus, hotels and other places you may travel with Edgar may not go so well if he suffers from separation anxiety and decides to take it out by tearing up a tour bus couch, your band member’s guitar or whining at the top of his lung while you are on stage.

  1. Set some rules.

When working with a new puppy it’s important to have everyone in the household, or tour bus, on board with the rules you set for the dog. Consistency is key, and anyone working with him i.e. your band mates should be on board.

  1. Puppy-proof the tour bus.

Guitar picks, open alcohol, leftover food, garbage cans, these are potential hazards for an inquisitive little puppy. Leaving him unattended for a few minutes, means he could get himself into trouble if these are within his reach. You don’t want to have to do stomach surgery on a puppy because he ate something he shouldn’t. Trust, me I should know, as my Maddux had to have surgery before he turned a year old because he chewed and ate a plastic toy.

  1. Have fun!

Dogs are awesome. They provide unconditional love, support and affection. Your time with him will fly by and no matter how long he is with you, it will never be enough – cherish it.

Michelle Maskaly is a freelance journalist, content creator and business strategist, who lives in upstate New York with her two dogs, two birds, four tortoises and fish. She writes about their life on the pet lifestyle website, My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much.

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