Dog Training

Dog Training is much more than teaching your pooch to sit and stay. From puppy to adulthood, dog training should last throughout your dog’s lifetime. House training, tricks, obedience, agility, service, and therapy – there are many different types of training out there, not to mention the variety of trends and theories that go along with it. goes through the basics and beyond to teach your dog some old and new tricks.

When it comes to efficient and successful Dog Training techniques, there are no universal tricks that work for all dogs. Find the right training strategy that will help you train your pooch in our articles that cover positive reinforcement, Schutzhund method, crate training and more. Looking for a solution to a specific behavioral problem? You’ll find all the answers you need in our complete guides on socialization, efficient training in multiple-dog household, preventing escapes and destructive behavior. Make sure to take a look at our top tips from various experts that cover an array of important Dog Training topics such as learning tricks, modifying unwanted behavior, and age-specific training techniques.

But, even when you learn about methods that work in theory, how can you be sure you’ll get the same results with your pooch? Our reviews of popular training strategies, training aid products, and mentally and physically stimulating activities over at Dog Exercise blog, will clear that up for you. Here at, you will learn about every little detail and get valuable insight that will make the choice easy!

No dog was trained overnight. When you start training your pooch, the most important thing you need to do is to be persistent and patient! Whether you’re trying to housebreak your dog or just want your pooch to learn some useful tricks,’s experts can help you succeed.

Crate Alternatives for Dogs Who Hate the Crate

If you have a dog, you probably have a crate. But what do you do when your dog hates the crate? Here are a few alternatives.

Why Are Dogs Afraid of Vacuums?

The terrorizing whirl of the motor; its almighty sucking strength; and the fearsome reach of the hose. Do you need to ask: Why are dogs afraid of vacuums?

School’s In Session – 101 Introduction To Agility Training For Dog

Agility Training for dogs has a multitude of benefits. Once your dog masters the basics, you may find that agility training is a natural progression.

When Does Your Dog Need a Therapist?

When my private training clients are faced with their dog's behavior issue, I recommend "doggie therapy." But when does a dog need "therapy," as opposed to regular training?

How to Stop Begging at the Table

Can't resist those sad, puppy dog eyes? If your chowhound can't keep his paws off of you while you're eating, try these strategies.

Why Your Dog May Need a Muzzle

Don't assume the worst when you see a dog wearing a muzzle. There are plenty of reasons why one is needed, and it may have nothing to do with being vicious.

What’s the Right Collar or Harness for My Dog?

Harnesses, collars, and martingales, oh my! The pet industry is overflowing with dog-walking tools, but which one is right for your dog?

Dog Adolescence is Real: What to Expect From the Teen Years

The teen years are rebellious ones! Dogs may not be sneaking out of the house, but they may act out. Here's how you can survive your dog's adolescence.

Back To Dog School Classes Ensure Your Pooch Is The Teacher’s Pet

Learning doesn’t stop after basic obedience. It’s time to bone up on some extracurricular lessons – and by that, we mean classes you can ta…

What is a Facility Dog?

You've heard of therapy dogs and service dogs, but what about facility dogs? A facility dog is trained for work in a facility setting.

Paws2Go Potty Training System

Your dog wishes he could tell you that it's time to GO! Now, the Paws2Go lets you know exactly when it's time for a bathroom break, no matter where you are.

How To Spot True Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

True separation anxiety can be a difficult issue to deal with. The good news is that many people who think their dogs have separation anxiety are mistaken.

Your Dog Can Text You When He’s Gotta Go With New Barking Mat

Are indoor pee puddles a common sight in your home? Break the habit with the Barking Mat, a cool new house training tool available through Indiegogo.

How to Train a Blind Dog

As our pets age, they’ll inevitably begin to lose some of their senses – particularly their hearing and eyesight. And whether your dog has lost vision due to…

AKC’s Lure-Coursing Test Turns Mixed-Breed Dogs Into Tracking Champs

Put your dog's instinct to track with training from the AKC's official coursing class. And everyone's welcome to join - even mixed breed dogs!

Teach Your Dog to Have an Off Switch

Dogs can be extremely persistent when they want a toy, food, or attention. Teach them to cool their jets in a few simple steps.

How to Use a Belly Band to Housebreak Your Dog

Some dogs are harder to housetrain than others. A possible solution? Using a belly band to housebreak your pooch.

How To Train a Search and Rescue Dog

So, your little kipper has proven highly successful at finding and recovering errant treats from between the sofa cushions. And now you’re thinking he might…

Teaching Your Dog to Leave It

The "Leave It" command can come in handy in a variety of situations. Follow these tips on properly teaching your dog to leave it.

Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: Newlywed Puppy Problems

Does your dog like to get into hairy situations? Does he have a bad habit he just won’t give up? Does she not play well with others? That problem isn&r…

How to Train Your Pet to Be a Visiting Therapy Dog

So, you think your gentle, people-loving pooch would be a great fit as a nursing home Therapy dog? Let’s start by saying congratulations on exploring this op…

Simple Mealtime Solutions for Picky Eaters

Does your dog sniff his food and then walk away? It might be time to give your dog a new feeding routine, so he will live to eat, not just eat to live.

Fix Leash Walking Problems With Rally-O

Dogs can learn everyday manners by practicing canine sports. If your pup struggles to walk politely on leash, it's Rally Obedience to the rescue!

The Official Teething Puppy Survival Guide

Those fluffy little jowls are hiding a set of razor-sharp teeth, and between those floppy ears is a brain that is hard-wired to chew on everything in sight.

How To Survive a New Dog Disaster

Your cute new dog or puppy may bring some not-so-cute consequences. Don't despair! Follow these tips to ease the transition for everyone.

Head’s Up, Dog Trainers: Why You Should Treat Humans Like Dogs

Want to be a successful dog trainer? Take it from someone who’s taken more than a few classes. Kevin Roberts wants you to treat your human participants…

How To Train a Dog With High Prey Drive

There are some things you simply can’t train out of a dog and a high prey drive is one of them. It’s an inherent trait that all dogs possess in varying degre…

6 Super Star Puppy Tips for Country-Crooner Brett Eldredge

As if country singer Brett Eldredge couldn't get any cuter, he's added an adorable little puppy named Edgar to his squad.

How to Train Your Dog to Leave the Cat Alone

Your dog just won't give your cat a moment of peace. Here's how to train your dog to leave your cat alone.

What is Schutzhund Training for Dogs?

You may not have heard of it, but you've seen it in action. Schutzhund training is used for police training, but your dog may also benefit from it.

How to Teach Your Dog to Calmly Ride in an Elevator

For a dog, the elevator can be a frightening place and he may react because of his fear. Here's how to keep your pooch calm while riding in an elevator.

Snoot to Snoot: Q&A With Surf Dog Turbo

Turbo is a loveable Golden Retriever who loves to surf. We had the chance to hang four and get the inside scoop on what it takes to ride the waves.

6 Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

How did you get your dog to do that?! Tongues and tails will be wagging about your pup's amazing abilities. Here are a few cool tricks to teach your dog.

How Long Should It Take to Train Your Dog the 5 Basic Commands?

Does your dog know the five basic commands? We're going to go over how long it should take to train your dog.

6 Common Mistakes You’re Making When Training Your Dog

We all make mistakes - even when it comes to our training our dogs. Let's go over the most common training mistakes and what you can do to correct them.

5 Fundamental Training Tips for Sport Dogs This Fall

Follow these five fundamental training tips to ensure you're making the most of autumn, and your team is in awesome shape for winter dog sports.

How To Find The Right Dog Trainer For You And Your Dog

What’s the right way to train a dog? A professional explains how and why finding right dog trainer is personal. I’ve worked in the industry for a…

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

You've all heard the adage, but does it hold any weight? Let's see if an old dog really can learn new tricks.

A Quick Fix to Doggie Doorbell Drama

Does the doorbell send your dog into a frenzy? A simple management solution will keep your dog from going bonkers when he hears "ding-dong!"

My Dog is Getting Older–Should I Get a Second Dog Now?

A a house isn't a home unless it has a dog in it. As your dog gets on in years, you might consider bringing a second dog into your family.

How To Stop A Dog From Barking

There's no way to teach a dog to stop barking, but there are way to curb this habit. We've got some tips that will teach you how to stop a dog from barking.

Pros and Cons of Adopting a Puppy

Are you not sure if you should adopt a puppy or adult dog? There are ups and down with both - let's look at pros and cons of adopting a puppy.

How to Manage Leash Reactivity in Your Dog

Is taking your dog for a walk a battle? He may be leash reactive. Let's talk about what causes this and how to manage it.

Basic Dog Tricks: Shake A Paw

The shake a paw trick is a basic trick that should be one of your dog's standards that he can pull out when guests come over and he wants to impress them.

6 Bizarre Ways Our Dogs Talk to Us

Will dogs ever learn how to speak human? Until they do, we need to be able to interpret dog. Here are some of the strange ways the dogs communicate.

7 Gifts for People Who Love Dog Training

Are there any dog training or dog sport fanatics on your holiday list? Our resident dog training pro hints at what she'd like to see under her tree.

Good Dog! The Best Ways To Reward Your Dog

How do you tell your dog he’s done a good job… especially if you want him to do it again? Here are the best ways you can reward your dog Trainin…

How to Keep Your Dog From Escaping Out the Front Door

Are you afraid that your dog is going to make a break for it every time you open the door? Settle your fears with the right commands.

How to Connect With a Skittish Dog

Dogs can be nervous for various reasons in many different situations. Here's how to connect properly with a skittish dog.

How To Teach Your Dog Neighbor Etiquette

You love your dog, but do your neighbors? Make sure your dog has neighbor etiquette indoors and out, so he brings a smile to everyone's face.

How To Call a Truce Between Your Dog and Mail Carrier

It's "Thank a Mailman Day." And what better way to thank your mail carrier than to teach your dog to properly greet this daily guest.

How to Teach Your Dog How To Wave

Imagine being able to teach your dog how to wave! This practical trick helps your dog break the ice with strangers, even from a distance.

How To House Train An Older Dog

Just because your dog's not puppy, it doesn't mean that indoor accidents won't happen. We've put together some tips on how to house train an older dog.

Big City Dogs Can Now Earn The Urban Canine Good Citizen Title

You've heard of the AKC's Canine Good Citizen program. Now, there's one for city-dwelling dogs called the Urban Canine Good Citizen test. Are you up for it?

5 Tips for Overly Friendly Dogs That Will Wander Off With Anyone

Is your dog too friendly and trusting, and will go off with a stranger? To avoid dangerous situations, learn how to handle your overly friendly dog.

What Is Endurance Training for Dogs?

Endurance training for dogs is a type of exercise program designed to improve a dog's cardiovascular fitness, stamina, and – as the name suggests – endurance.

Teach Your Dog Some Class In Puppy Kindergarten

At this point in your dog's life, it's the perfect time to start puppy kindergarten, which teaches training obedience, and socialization skills.

When You Should Start Training Your Rescue Dog

Congrats on your new family member! Once your rescue dog is settled in, how soon can you start training him?

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog From Digging in the Yard

Digging up your yard might be one of those dog habits you don't dig! But is there any way you can cover up this natural dog behavior?

How to Crate Train Your Dog

To a dog, a crate is a home within a home. It's a safe den to chill in, or to recuperate - here's how to crate train your dog.