Dog Training

Dog Training is much more than teaching your pooch to sit and stay. From puppy to adulthood, dog training should last throughout your dog’s lifetime. House training, tricks, obedience, agility, service, and therapy – there are many different types of training out there, not to mention the variety of trends and theories that go along with it. goes through the basics and beyond to teach your dog some old and new tricks.

When it comes to efficient and successful Dog Training techniques, there are no universal tricks that work for all dogs. Find the right training strategy that will help you train your pooch in our articles that cover positive reinforcement, Schutzhund method, crate training and more. Looking for a solution to a specific behavioral problem? You’ll find all the answers you need in our complete guides on socialization, efficient training in multiple-dog household, preventing escapes and destructive behavior. Make sure to take a look at our top tips from various experts that cover an array of important Dog Training topics such as learning tricks, modifying unwanted behavior, and age-specific training techniques.

But, even when you learn about methods that work in theory, how can you be sure you’ll get the same results with your pooch? Our reviews of popular training strategies, training aid products, and mentally and physically stimulating activities over at Dog Exercise blog, will clear that up for you. Here at, you will learn about every little detail and get valuable insight that will make the choice easy!

No dog was trained overnight. When you start training your pooch, the most important thing you need to do is to be persistent and patient! Whether you’re trying to housebreak your dog or just want your pooch to learn some useful tricks,’s experts can help you succeed.

Pros and Cons of Adopting a Puppy

Are you not sure if you should adopt a puppy or adult dog? There are ups and down with both - let's look at pros and cons of adopting a puppy.

Winter Training Tips: Getting Started In Skijoring

Skijoring is a team sport. You and your dog work together to get around a trail, tour the back country or glide across the snow on your local golf course.

Should My Dog Sleep in My Bed or on the Floor?

Do you share the bed with your dog or does he have his own? Set clear rules for your dog to follow, and make sure the whole family sticks to them.

Tidy Tips on Curb Training in the Big City

When there's more concrete than green space, you have to make do-do with what you've got to work with when it comes to your dog's bathroom habits.

The Basics About Dog Body Language

Your pooch doesn't need to say a word for you to understand what he's feeling. Understanding dog body language tells you everything you need to know.

Take a Hand’s Off Approach to Dog Walks With Hands-Free Walking Syst

Keeping your hands free while walking your dog offers a host of benefits. Kevin Roberts has some tips for going hands free while trekking with your pooches.

Teach Your Dog to Love Coming to You

Does this frustrating behavior sound familiar when it comes to recall? "My dog always comes when called.... except at the dog park."

What is a Facility Dog?

You've heard of therapy dogs and service dogs, but what about facility dogs? A facility dog is trained for work in a facility setting.

Association Of Professional Dog Trainers A Valuable Resource For Train

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) is an organization dedicated to promoting dog training and education for trainers and pet owners.

Can Dogs Be Racist?

Dogs love everyone... or do they? Is it possible for dogs to be racist? Let's look at a few reasons why you might think your dog a bias toward certain people.

How To Find The Right Dog Trainer For You And Your Dog

What’s the right way to train a dog? A professional explains how and why finding right dog trainer is personal. I’ve worked in the industry for a…

How To Avoid Fido Fiascos When Training Multiple Dogs

Calgon… take me away! Step away from the bottle of wine – take a few tips from a pro on how to train successfully in a multi-dog household. Havi…

Paws2Go Potty Training System

Your dog wishes he could tell you that it's time to GO! Now, the Paws2Go lets you know exactly when it's time for a bathroom break, no matter where you are.

My Dog is Getting Older–Should I Get a Second Dog Now?

A a house isn't a home unless it has a dog in it. As your dog gets on in years, you might consider bringing a second dog into your family.

What is Tracking Training for Dogs?

Ready to put your dog's nose to the test? A dog's nose is made for sniffing, so put it to good use - tracking training may be right for your pooch.

What Do the Letters After a Dog Trainer’s Name Mean?

Certain letters spell out the expertise of a professional. A trainer's certifications can tell you a lot about her experience and approach to dog training.

Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: A Dog By Any Other Name

Our “Hairy Dogfathers” are here to offer expert and practical advice. Dog trainers (and handsome hubbies) Kevin and André are here to answ…

Why Are Dogs Afraid of Vacuums?

The terrorizing whirl of the motor; its almighty sucking strength; and the fearsome reach of the hose. Do you need to ask: Why are dogs afraid of vacuums?

Pros And Cons: The Collar Vs. Harness Debate

Does your dog wear a collar or a harness? We’ve leashed in points to keep in mind before making a decision. When it comes to doing what is best for you…

5 Tips to Keep Your Dog From Digging in the Yard

Digging up your yard might be one of those dog habits you don't dig! But is there any way you can cover up this natural dog behavior?

Why You Should Take Your Kids to Dog Training Classes

When you take your dog to school, be sure you bring your kids along. Here's why you should take your kids to dog training classes.

5 Things You Need to Know About Dog Growls

We all back off when we see a dog growling. There are a few reasons why a dog may be growling at you - here's what you need to know about this behavior.

5 Fundamental Training Tips for Sport Dogs This Fall

Follow these five fundamental training tips to ensure you're making the most of autumn, and your team is in awesome shape for winter dog sports.

Best Hands Free Leash

A hands free leash will ensure you have control over your pet at all times - without actually having to use your hand to maintain a firm grip.

4 Top Tether Training Tips for Dogs

Tether training for dogs is recommended to help potty problems, exercise or walk with a hands-free leash. Here's the proper way to tether train your dog.

Big City Dogs Can Now Earn The Urban Canine Good Citizen Title

You've heard of the AKC's Canine Good Citizen program. Now, there's one for city-dwelling dogs called the Urban Canine Good Citizen test. Are you up for it?

How to Train Your Pet to Be a Visiting Therapy Dog

So, you think your gentle, people-loving pooch would be a great fit as a nursing home Therapy dog? Let’s start by saying congratulations on exploring this op…

Teach the “Drop It” Command, For Safety’s Sake

You've heard the horror stories where dogs eat anything they find. Teach you pup a reliable Drop It cue before you have a traumatizing story of your own.

Beat the Winter Blues With Scent Games

Even when it's too cold to do much outdoors, you can create challenging activities for your dog to do inside your home. Curb your pup's cabin fever with these engaging scent games.

Teach Your Dog To Be A Canine Good Citizen

You may think your pup is already pretty awesome, but you can make sure that your dog has all the good manners to be considered a Canine Good Citizen.

Trick With a Purpose: Give Paw

Tired of yelling at your dog to stop jumping on people? Train him to be a great greeter by teaching him to "give paw" instead!

Lending A Helping Paw: What’s Involved In Therapy Dog Training

Does your pooch have the right stuff to make a difference and help people who need a furry friend the most? Then you should consider therapy dog training.

Are Small Dogs Harder to Train Than Big Dogs?

Is it true that small dogs are harder to train than big dogs? Let’s take a look at the facts and settle the debate once and for all. A number of factor…

Engaging Training Gifts for Active Dogs (and Their Humans)

Whether naughty or nice, your energetic pup will love these gift ideas. Keep him busy all year long with ideas and products made for active dogs.

How To Train a Search and Rescue Dog

So, your little kipper has proven highly successful at finding and recovering errant treats from between the sofa cushions. And now you’re thinking he might…

Pee Problems: A Pro Shares How to Housetrain Any Dog

Get a trainer's perspective on why your new dog or puppy is peeing on your rug, and what you can do about it.

AKC Will Now Give Titles To Tricksters

Dogs and their humans enjoy the fun that comes with learning tricks, and the American Kennel Club is launching a new program just for dogs who do tricks!

How To Keep Your Senior Dog Active

Before you resign your aging pup to a sedentary retirement, consider these options to keep him physically active and mentally stimulated.

How To Stop A Dog From Barking

There's no way to teach a dog to stop barking, but there are way to curb this habit. We've got some tips that will teach you how to stop a dog from barking.

Should I Train My Dog With a Clicker?

A clicker can make training your dog easier and fun. But before bringing one more tool into your training routine, make sure a clicker is right for you.

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

You've all heard the adage, but does it hold any weight? Let's see if an old dog really can learn new tricks.

5 Basic Tips For Introducing Dogs To Strangers

A stranger is just a friend your dog hasn't met - make a good first impression with these five basic tips for introducing dogs to strangers.

Pros and Cons of Adopting an Adult Dog

Thinking of adopting a dog - that's a great idea! While most adopters are drawn the puppies, adult dogs have a great deal to offer.

How to Teach Heel… on Both Sides!

Teaching your dog to heel, or walk alongside you, is a critical skill. But what's with only teaching it on the left side?

How to Use a Belly Band to Housebreak Your Dog

Some dogs are harder to housetrain than others. A possible solution? Using a belly band to housebreak your pooch.

How To Stop Your Dog From Lunging While Walking

Nothing ruins a walk faster than when your dog lunges as other dogs or people. Here's what to do to stop your dog from lunging while walking.

6 Tips for Managing a Territorial Dog

Everything belongs to your dog - and he's not afraid to tell anyone who comes close to his stuff. Here's what you can do to manage your territorial dog.

Mushing Dictionary: A Guide To Dog Mushing Language

Are you interested in dog mushing? Before you get started, you'll need to learn the language of dog mushing.

Teaching Your Dog to Leave It

The "Leave It" command can come in handy in a variety of situations. Follow these tips on properly teaching your dog to leave it.

Don’t Want to Train? Use Management Instead

Training isn't the only option to improve your dog's manners or behavior issue. Learn the important role that management plays to stop unwanted behavior.

Don’t Worry, He’s Friendly! Training for Off-Leash Dog Encounters

Whether you're taking a short stroll or hiking the trails, there's a good chance you've met up with an off-leash dog. How do you control the situation?

5 Ways Food-Dispensing Toys Will Enhance Your Dog’s Life

Does your dog bark when left alone? Eat your furniture to pass the time? Save your sanity by turning your pup's mealtime into playtime.

How To Spot True Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

True separation anxiety can be a difficult issue to deal with. The good news is that many people who think their dogs have separation anxiety are mistaken.

6 Life Lessons Your Dog Can Teach You

Think of it as "Human Training." We already know how to "sit" and "stay," but there are valuable lessons your dog can teach you, if you're willing to learn.

How to Connect With a Skittish Dog

Dogs can be nervous for various reasons in many different situations. Here's how to connect properly with a skittish dog.

Why Dogs Go Through Potty Training Regression (And How to Fix It)

Pooch forgot where to go potty? This is what you need to do when your previously potty-trained dog pees or poops in the house.

How Dog-Loving Strangers Ruin Well-Trained Dogs

Pet parents have heard this one: "It's okay, I love dogs!" Guess what - it's not okay! Here's how to deal with friendly strangers who undo your training.

How To Deal With Dog Fights In Your Multiple-Dog Home

Break it up! Sibling rivalry between dogs is common and there’s bound to be disagreements. Here’s how to handle tense situations like a pro. Many…

Should You Bring Your Nervous or Reactive Dog to the Dog Park?

When you have a reactive or nervous dog, playing in the dog park isn't all fun and games. Is there a way for your dog to enjoy the benefits of a dog park?

What is Schutzhund Training for Dogs?

You may not have heard of it, but you've seen it in action. Schutzhund training is used for police training, but your dog may also benefit from it.