Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Gabby

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Meet Gabby, our Adoptable Dog of the Week from Gabby is an adult female Shih Tzu that lives in Lexington, KY. She is already spayed, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, and not good with kids.

Skinny little Gabby was picked up as a stray in August 2013 and never claimed. She’d been out for quite a while, but quickly acclimated to indoor life. We think her ideal weight will be just short of 9 pounds. We don’t know how Gabby lost her left ear. This was discovered when the shelter shaved her down due to mats and fleas.

Gabby is a sweet, energetic, outgoing little girl. She loves people, dogs, toys and food. In her foster home, she is like Dorothy in Oz – she is amazed and thrilled with everything (especially food). She’s a tiny little kitchen beggar. Gabby loves to relax upside down in your lap while she bats her eyelashes for a belly rub. She likes to have a little blanket to scrunch up her own bed, and her favorite size bed is a cat bed. She plays with toys and enjoys her playtime with other small dogs. She’s adventurous and curious. She takes her cues from other dogs as she learns about her new life. Gabby doesn’t like to be crated (she will bark) and she’d rather run free than walk on a leash, but she’s good on a leash. She enjoys being outside, and it’s entirely possible that’s where she has spent most of her young life. She appears to be housetrained and understands the phrase “go potty”. She will chase rabbits and birds; a secure fence is mandatory for Gabby. She loves to sleep in bed with her people and doggie companions. Although Gabby knows her name, she might not always come when she is called.

Gabby’s ideal home will have another small dog, a securely fenced yard, people who will rub her tummy and give her treats, and be patient as Gabby learns the routines in another house. She will reward her family with boundless enthusiasm, entertainment and many Kodak moments. Her happy little personality just makes us smile.

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