Adoptable Dog of the Week- Jean Ralphio

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If you need someone to turn that frizzown upside-dizzity, this is your guy! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Jean Ralphio, a year old Husky mix from Auburn, Alabama. He is vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm negative- he will also be neutered prior to his adoption. Jean Ralphio is a sweetheart and very friendly, but hasn’t been tested with other pets, so it’s best to arrange a meet and greet if you already have a cat or a dog of your own.

Like his fictional character namesake, Jean Ralphio also has a showy, “baller” personality and will quickly charm the pants off of you with his big blue eyes and a positive attitude. This good boi is definitely one of those pooches that show off their great personality from the get-go! He is a total goofball that will constantly put a smile on your face with his silly antics. Jean Ralphio loves going on walks and playing fetch and would love nothing more than to be adopted by someone that will be able to help him burn off extra energy with fun activities such as chasing after the ball or going on adventures in the neighborhood. 

A social butterfly and a complete charmer, Jean Ralphio will quickly win over anyone’s heart and won’t have any issue showing you his affection. When given a chance, he is a real cuddle bug and will shower you with love! When it comes to four-legged companions, though, Jean Realphio hasn’t been tested around cats or dogs, so if you already have pets, you’ll have to see how they’ll get along with this goofy pooch first before you commit.

In case his rugged good looks and dazzling personality have already won you over, contact Lee County Humane Society for more information about Jean Ralphio and how you can give him the furever home he’s hoping to find.