Once-Abused Dog Celebrates First Christmas With Vet Who Saved Him

Nevena Nacic
by Nevena Nacic
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A puppy who survived a terrible beating has celebrated his ‘first proper’ Christmas with a veterinarian nurse who provided a loving furever home for him.

A whippet named Terry was only 12 weeks old when he was viciously attacked by his owner and left with severe trauma injuries after he urinated inside. 

The injured pup was taken to the Hull PDSA Animal Hospital in East Yorks, England, where he was treated by the veterinary nurse Rachel Coombes. During the initial exam, the hospital’s staff discovered that Terry had a bruised eye and lips. The pup was also missing three of his upper incisors, and another tooth was broken.

For nurse Coombes, this was love at first sight!

She told her colleagues that if Terry survived, she would adopt him, and that’s exactly what she did.

Although Terry celebrated Christmas with Rachel and her son Stanley last year, this year was their ‘first proper’ Christmas together since Terry is now fully settled in with the family.

I just felt a connection as soon as he was brought in as he was in such a state we actually thought initially that he hadn’t made it,” said nurse Rachel according to Talker. “Then when we spotted gentle breathing I did say ‘if he survives this I’m going to give him home’ which is exactly what I did.”

From that moment on, Terry’s life changed completely! 

He hasn’t looked back since - he loves life and is having the best of life right now.” 

According to his new owner, Terry likes to run around the garden and enjoys going to the beach. The pooch has also formed a strong bond with Rachel’s son, Stanley, and is always by his side. 

Last year, we got him around Christmas, but it was such a hectic time for him, and he was learning to settle then.” But this year, the family planned a festive celebration for Terry and did everything to make him feel special during the holiday season. 

Due to the suspicious nature of Terry’s injuries, RSPCA Inspector Laura Barber was asked to investigate. The inspector said that despite the severity of his injuries and his overall state, Terry had put his head on her and was so trusting. 

“He was in such a sad state and was really quiet and withdrawn when he was with people. He was so lovable, and it is great to see he has a home he deserves with such a lovely family.”

“I know Terry will have the best first proper Christmas with his lovely new family and one he thoroughly deserves,” the inspector added. 

Terry’s extensive injuries were enough to build a case against his former owner. After appearing in court and admitting to causing unnecessary suffering to a dog, the person was handed a five-year ban on keeping animals. 

Emily Lomas, an animal care assistant at RSPCA’s Hull branch, said she was thrilled when she learned that Rachel had adopted Terry. 

He was very traumatized and overwhelmed when he came to us, we had to really show him there was nothing to be scared of and that he was now safe. We took him to the socialization room, and I remember him falling asleep on my legs,” said Lomas.

We were all thrilled when he was adopted and knew he was going to a special home,” she added.

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Nevena Nacic
Nevena Nacic

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