Adoptable Dog of the Week- Lexi

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Cute and sassy, this southern belle is ready to steal your heart and make a run for it! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Lexi, a 7 years old Yorkshire Terrier from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is spayed, up to date with her shots, and housetrained. Lexi would do best in a home without any kids and with one or no dogs in the household- she hasn’t been tested around felines.

After spending her whole life with one family, Lexi ended up being surrendered to a shelter just two days before Thanksgiving- a sad story that could have a happy ending, all thanks to the fact that she has been offered a second chance at happiness when her rescuers got her out. Loving and charming, Lexi quickly warmed up to her fosters and showed her true colors: she’s one tiny cuddle bug that will love nothing more than to sit in your lap and soak up your love and belly rubs. She’s a clingy pooch that loves her peeps and won’t hesitate to show it- she loves being in the center of attention, being petted or praised, but preferably both!

Lexi has her manners and knows to use the pee pad in the house or do the job outside when taken out. She tolerates other dogs but is not too interested in playing with them, so she’d do best as the only pet in the home (or with one other dog of similar size). Lexi has issues with guarding her food- she doesn’t allow other pets around her food bowl and will nip at your fingers if you try and take her kibble away while she’s eating. As a result, she shouldn’t go to a home with young kids in the family and would do best with owners that are experienced with resource guarding. 

In case Lexi caught your eye and you’d like to know more about her, contact Yorkie Haven Rescue, Inc. – LA for more information.