UK Firefighters Get No Thanks from Rescued Cat

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

Trapped between brick walls, rescued feline's epic scowl captures readers attention.

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Is it any wonder that generations of felines across the globe have felt compelled to explore the unexplorable when a proverb like “curiosity killed the cat” has been used since the 1600s to describe their indomitable, adventuresome spirit?

I mean, it’s intuitive, right?

Which is why, although I freely admit to chuckling aloud at the myriad TikTok and social media videos showcasing some of the more epic fails of this normally graceful creature, I also feel a touch of empathy. From failed leaps, startled backflips, and those hilariously gurgled puss-to-puss oral threats, pet owners are certainly adept at capturing the most awkward moments of their poor puss - and gaining thousands of views in the process.

All this leads to why I feel a pang of understanding for one furry little Lancashire lad who found himself in a spot of trouble recently. It seems the cat had become trapped inside a brick wall and when passersby heard his cries of distress, they immediately called in the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service. Something I think we’d all do, so fair play. Now, we’re not sure how the predicament came into being but once word got out about this “curious” cat who had become stuck in the wall, poor Fluffy’s exit was anything but discreet. Yes, firefighters were involved, chisels were required, and the local news agencies were delighted to spread the good word. But for a cat, can we even begin to spell the word “humiliation”?

No, said pussy-cat was not impressed with all the hoopla and refused to smile for the camera. In fact, he looked downright irked and that’s what viewers immediately picked up on. It was hard not to notice the scowl on his face that generated more than a few comments that fell under the title “Curious Cat Looks Fuming”. Good-natured readers were quick to state, "If gratitude had a face, it wouldn't be this kitty cat," and "The level of grump on this lil fluffy mcmurder mittens face is epic."

Now, if you have a curious cat that loves to wander and explore beyond your backyard, you may want to check into any of the pint-sized, collar-style GPS trackers available. Not only can you trace your pet’s movements, but you can also talk to him – helpful if your feline tends to respond quickly when the “treat” word is coming through his collar.

Perhaps, had our wayward puss been wearing a GPS tracker, his human might have found him sooner, firefighters would not have arrived, media embarrassment avoided, and one fluffy feline might have saved his dignity. Just sayin’.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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