Adoptable Dog of the Week – Spike

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If you want to share your home with the most adorable love bug, this is your guy! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Spike, a 3-year-old Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd mix from Richmond, Virginia. Spike is neutered and up to date on his shots. This big and goofy pooch is crate trained and in the process of housetraining, and he needs a home that is adult only and with no other pets – or with well-mannered, easy-going canine friends. 

This handsome fella didn’t have the best start in life, but that’s looking to change – he’s looking for someone to pamper him as he deserves. In his previous life, Spike broke his elbow and wasn’t treated so he limps a bit when he walks – but that doesn’t stop him. This 85-pound goofball is energetic, playful, and all about adventures. He loves going on car rides and being your companion wherever you go and that’s mostly because Spike is the sweetest love bug there is. He is loyal and affectionate and loves nothing more than being cuddled, petted, and showered with love. 

Spike also likes playing with toys- a bit too much, some would say, as he can be a bit protective around his favorite toys and food, For that reason, he shouldn’t share his home with other pets without supervision as his protectiveness could lead to a conflict. In general, he does get along with other dogs (even if he’s a bit picky with males). Similarly, even though he’s a big softie, Spike is still big – which means his playstyle could be too much for a toddler or a young kid, so it’s best if he’s placed in an adult only home.

If this gorgeous mutt has stolen your heart, you’re not alone. Contact Critter Cavalry Rescue – Richmond VA to find out more about Spike and how you can adopt him.