Adoptable Pet of the Week – Thelma

Meet Thelma, our Adoptable Dog of the Week. She’s a black Shepherd mix from Seattle, Washington with the unique ability to make anyone fall in love with her. As a medium-sized, adult pooch, Thelma has the energy of a litter of pups and will run like a maniac until she takes a quick break in your arms. Thelma is already spayed and ready to find her spot on your couch!

Thelma’s Tale:

My name is Thelma, the internationally renowned Superdog here to save the day! My mission is to make a home in your heart and save your world from the loneliness and boredom you suffer without me! I possess many different super powers, including the power to melt your heart (not literally). I have a super sense of smell, and will sniff out any hidden treats. I must admit that treats are my weakness! Don’t let my love of treats fool you, as I am a super-active Superdog who can leap through tall grass in a single bound. Oh, and have you seen how adorable I am? I think we will go great together! I’m still searching for my super sidekick who will give me the love and attention I deserve.. are you up for gig?

If you’d like to learn more of adopt Thelma, please visit Emerald City Pet Rescue-Seattle.

Cynthia Haldeman
Cynthia Haldeman

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