Shelter Spotlight: Scout’s Honor

Maggie Marton
by Maggie Marton
Focused on making a difference to animals in need, this Houston, Texas-based rescue is often the last resort for pets abandoned on the streets.

Based in Houston, Texas, Scout’s Honor is a foster-based animal rescue. That means that when they rescue animals from city pounds, they go straight into loving homes until they’re ready to be adopted.

Formed in 2006, Scout’s Honor saves dogs and cats from shelters like Houston’s Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC) and the City of La Porte animal shelter, and they pick up dogs off the street.

Their mission? “Scout’s Honor was formed in May 2006, and is headed up by four animal lovers whose aim and love for animals is to make a difference in the Houston area’s homeless pet population, especially those dogs and cats that others will not or are not able to help. Scout’s Honor is often the last resort for animals who are left abandoned to die in pounds or on the streets.”

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The recue doesn’t limit themselves to saving only healthy animals, either, and often find themselves saving animals from abusive situations. Since that start in May 2006, Scout’s Honor has rescued more than 3,000 animals. Currently, they’re housing 80 in their foster program.

One such dog is Lucas. Lucas was picked up by the city shelter and showed signs of suffering severe and repeated abuse. Scout’s Honor had Lucas checked out at the vet and discovered numerous, devastating injuries: an untreated broken leg, imbedded collars and imbedded pellets from a pellet gun, a fractured left hip joint, a fractured pelvis, and wounds and scars all over his face and body. Yet, Lucas’ sweet personality is good with dogs and cats, though timid with new people. Lucas underwent surgery to repair his legs and is recovering well, but Scout’s Honor reports that he’s still in boarding and in desperate need of a foster or forever home to help him recover from the physical and emotional damage.

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Dogs like Lucas incur lots of expenses. And, because of the overwhelming need of the animals in Houston and surrounding cities, Scout’s Honor isn’t able to take in every animal.

If you’re in the Houston area and want to help, the organization needs volunteers and fosters. Volunteers perform tasks like picking up animals from local shelters are taking them to the vet for treatment or to a foster or forever home. There are also opportunities for fundraising, photographing pets up for adoption and working at adoption events.

Fosters provide love and care for needy dogs and cats. While Scout’s Honor pays for the costs of the foster, the foster family gives the animal the love and attention that the dog or cat needs, and takes the future family pet to adoption events.

To adopt one of Scout’s Honor’s rescues, visit their adoptable dogs and cats. You must be in the Houston area to adopt a pet from Scout’s Honor.

If you’re not in Texas, you can still help. Scout’s Honor accepts donations and monthly sponsors. There are also special sponsorship opportunities, like their Foster’s Fund—a special fund in honor of a poodle who embodied the purpose and mission of Scout’s Honor—and their Annual Gala.

To keep up with Scout’s Honor, follow their Instagram account, which includes event information as well as adoptable animals. Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter for current updates. Or, to find out more about adopting, volunteering or fostering, visit Scout’s Honor website.

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