The Daily Grind: The Dremel 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinding Tool

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Clipping your dog’s nails can be such a pain. Why not grind them down with the Dremel 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinding Tool to save your sanity?

If you’re like me, you hate trying to clip your dog’s nails. My gal pals have rather long nails and because the ultra sensitive inner quick of a dog’s nail tends to grow out as the nail itself grows, it can be tricky to ensure I don’t nip as I clip and cause my pet pain or bleeding. Particularly when nails are black and you can’t see the quick as easily as you can with a white or clear nail. No question that extra care needs to be taken and as a result, grooming of tootsies tends to be a slow, arduous process that no dog or his owner really enjoys. And because all this nail trimming needs to be done on a regular basis and there are many, many toes to tackle before your work is done, its important you keep it quick and pain-free from the go-get. Because let’s face it, dogs don’t forget.

Which is why its time to toss out those metal nail clippers and reach for the Dremel 7300-PT cordless pet nail groomer and grinder. This lightweight, battery-powered grooming tool is perfect for gently filing down the nails of dogs and other small pets safely and humanely. The convenient, variable speed grinder features high (13,000 rpm) and low (6,500 rpm) speeds for continuous, precise control regardless of the thickness of your pet’s nail. And the array of 60-grit sanding drums and bands means you can trim and shape your dog’s nails quickly and easily without ever having to worry that the tool will become dull and less effective half-way through the job. When the sanding drum begins to wear down, simply swap it out with a new one and you’re ready to go again.

In fact, this handy grinding tool is so gentle its perfect for a quick touch-up of tootsies between grooming sessions.

Now, if you’re starting to wonder why you would even bother trimming your dog’s nails, it’s because when his nails are too long, they tend to curve like talons. When you’re out walking with your pooch and these too-long nails make continual contact with the ground, it can cause him great discomfort and take the joy out of his walk. If you’re looking for a “tip of the day” it would be this: if you can hear your little buddy coming from 50 paces, it’s time to trim his nails. Once done, they should look relatively straight versus curved. If they are extremely long, it will take time to bring them back to a normal shape. But rest assured that the quick will gradually recede as the nail itself is trimmed back. So, in time and with some diligence on your part, your dog’s nails will return to a shorter, more natural state.

And the aforementioned diligence that’s required to maintain your pet’ paws includes continual nail trimming using a top-quality nail grinder. Because the Dremel 7300-PT is made from easy-maintenance high-density plastic and comes with a quick-charge nickel cadmium battery, its not only ultra-durable and built to last but its a snap for even a novice groomer to work with. Not handy with tools? Not a problem. This pet friendly grooming tool is also human friendly and when its time to swap out the old sanding bit for a new one you just unscrew the top, insert one of the new bits that come with this kit, re-tighten and you’re back in business. So, you’ll never need to struggle with a restless, stressed-out pooch as you clip his nails, again.

I think one of the most convenient features of this lightweight grooming tool is that its powered by a removable, rechargeable 4.8-volt battery pack. You simply plug the battery pack into the charger and when fully-charged, insert it into the base of the Dremel. You now have an 8-inch long, slim-line grooming tool that is fully cordless for optimal maneuverability and ideally sized so you will always have perfect dexterity when working on the tender toes of both big and small animals.

But there’s more, because the compact size of this grooming tool makes it perfect for travel with pets. Tuck it into your dog’s travel gear then charge it quickly and easily whenever the need for a quick pooch pedicure is needed. The battery holds a full 3-hour charge which gives you plenty of time to trim your pet’s nails or charge it up before you leave home and give his feet a quick clean-up when you arrive at your destination. This pain-free approach to trimming your dog’s nails means he is ready and willing whenever you are.

And because you can purchase additional battery packs for the Dremel 7300-PT, you may want to have one charged and on the ready at the cottage, the trailer, the boat… Wherever you travel with your pet, you can rest assured that quick access to nail grooming that he’ll enjoy, is available.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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