After 11 Long Years, a Cat That Was Presumed Dead Returns Home

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

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Sometimes, miracles can truly happen when you least expect it! And if a pet story can be considered a real life miracle, it’s the one about Toby, a family cat that - it would seem - lived a life of great adventure. 

In 2012, Toby, the now 14-year-old cat of the Allan family from Warwickshire, suddenly disappeared after the family moved to a new house. It was a heartbreaking event for the entire family, but their pet was nowhere to be found. 

After many attempts to locate their cat, they simply had to come to terms with the fact that old Toby was lost, and presumably dead. But this week, after 11 long years, Toby was returned to the Allan family by a local woman. The lady checked the cat’s microchip and was quick to get in touch with Coventry Cats Protection.

"I never thought in a million years I’d see him again," said owner Justine Allan

"Toby was collected and will no longer have to scavenge for food and sleep in a cold bin store," added the Coventry charity co-ordinator Wendy Harris.

Toby suddenly went missing in a chilly December in 2012, after the Allan family moved from Galley Common in Nuneaton, to their new residence at Long Shoot.

"[My son Charlie] was about 12 when Toby went missing, and he was heartbroken when we realized he probably wasn’t coming back," said Mrs Allan for  Yahoo "The Long Shoot is a notoriously busy road, we just assumed the worst had happened and thought he had been run over.”

But almost a decade later, just 5 miles away a local Bedworth lady got in touch with Cats Protection, believing that a stray cat she was feeding was pregnant. A volunteer with the charity went out to investigate, a microchip scanner in tow. 

"It turned out, not only did it have a chip, but that he was a neutered male named Toby, rather than female as originally believed," said Ms. Harris.

Blazingly fast, the charity managed to trace the details of the Allan family on their database, and got in touch to share the splendid news – their missing feline friend was re-discovered!

Initially in complete shock, after 11 years, the Allan family rejoiced and celebrated and quickly went out to pick up their long-lost pet. During those 11 years, the family welcomed another pet into their home, a King Charles Cavalier named Bernie. But even so, Toby fits right back into the family dynamic. As if he wasn’t missing for more than a decade!

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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