Martha Stewart's Persian Cat, Empress Tang, Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

Loss of lifestyle guru's 15-year old fur kid now leaves her feisty feline, Blackie in charge.

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If you’ve been lucky enough to have shared your home with a pet or pets for an extended period, odds are you finally have something in common with uber-rich media maven Martha Stewart. You see, she recently lost her 15-year-old feline, Empress Tang, who passed over the rainbow bridge just recently.

In fairness, whether you’re living the high life or simply making ends meet, losing a pet can be an absolute punch to the gut – particularly when it’s unexpected and the little guy has worked their way into your heart and home. I can certainly attest that it doesn’t take long for them to become an integral part of your daily life - sharing your bed, your snacks, and always the sofa.

For Stewart, her calico Persian ‘Tang and its sister Princess Peony had become furry fixtures at the Westport, Connecticut mansion since being adopted by the lifestyle guru back in 2009.

Per Stewart’s announcement earlier this month, "Empress Tang, my dearest tri-color Persian, passed away this morning of natural causes. She was an awesome cat she lived well, worked hard."

Hmmm…. cat and worked hard aren’t words you would typically expect to see in the same sentence, right? But ‘Tang was not one to sit around idly grooming herself. In fact, the fluffy feline happily showcased her model-worthy good looks and ability to take direction by gracing those gloriously glossy pages of Martha Stewart Living we used to drool over way back when. Yes, that was ‘Tang smiling back from those PrettyLitter brand advertisements. And later again, on Stewart’s Up Close and Personal blogs.

Now, those who follow will recall that we reported on poor Princess Peony who met a nasty fate at the paws of Stewart’s four pooches. The dogs considered the Persian puffball to be an “interloper” and sadly attacked her. Not a good thing.

However, following the loss of the feline sisters, we have learned that there is a third Stewart fur kid. Yes, the good news for Martha is that she still has one cat standing – a male named Blackie who resides in her spacious garden greenhouse.

The bad news for those dogs is that Blackie sounds like the sort to fight back should some argy-bargy be initiated. According to Stewart, "He is a hunter. The two lady cats are not really hunters. Blackie actually kills varmints every single day. Somehow, he manages to find something to kill, that killer.” Hmmm… want to bet the dogs learn to keep to themselves pronto?

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

Sharing space with three seriously judgy Schnoodles and a feline who prefers to be left alone. #LivingMyBestLife

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