Dog Ran A Mile to Her Doggy Daycare Center for Help After A Car Crash

Nevena Nacic
by Nevena Nacic
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A frightened dog ran a mile through heavy traffic to its doggy daycare to get help after she and her owner were in a car crash. 

Melisa Fickel, the dog’s owner, said that Aries, a three-year-old pit bull mix has always been a smart pooch. The pup, who was adopted in 2020, learns tricks quickly and loves to play in the park. 

Aries recently got a chance to show exactly how smart she is. The pooch and her owner were heeded to a local park in Detroit, Michigan when another car hit them from behind. Luckily, no one was injured, and both vehicles sustained only minor damages. 

However, the car accident spooked Aries, prompting her to jump out of the car’s window and run off into traffic. 

I had the windows down because Aries likes to hang her head out,” said Fickel to a local TV station. “As soon as there was that smack, as soon as I felt and heard it, almost instantaneously, she was out the window.”

Fearing the worst, Fickel was concerned about her pup’s safety. While dealing with the police and her insurance company, her mind was preoccupied with all the ways Aries could be in danger,

I can’t really think about it because so many things could have happened,” she added.

What Fickel didn’t know is that Aries ran about a mile down the road, to the safest place she could be in - the Hounds Town Metro Detroid, the doggy daycare she frequently visits. 

Security footage recorded at the daycare showed Aries arriving at the center during the staff’s noon break when employees usually shut down the lobby to clean and catch up with other tasks. 

According to Dominic Pace, the daycare’s general manager, he and another employee were in the lobby when they saw something outside. 

We noticed something dart past the front door,” said Pace. “It was like a black blur that just went past.”

Thinking that they might have seen a dog, Pace went outside and found Aries standing by the sidewalk leading to the daycare’s front door. The pooch was panting and looked scared. 

Once inside the daycare, Aries has calmed down. Pace thought the dog looked familiar, so he called Travis Odgen, the daycare’s owner. 

At first, Odgen thought that it might be a stray dog, but as he got a better look, he instantly recognized Aries. “I was like, ‘Oh, that looks like Aries’ and then she walks closer and I’m like ‘That is Aries!’” he said. “I start to pet her and she gives me kisses, and she rolls over for me, recognizing me.”

Although happy to see Aries, Odgen was confused to see the pooch without her owner. He immediately called Fickel to find out what was happening and to tell her that her dog was in the daycare.

Everything made sense once Odgen learned about the fender bender and Aries’ escape. He assured the pup’s owner that she was safe and sound, minus a small cut on her paw. The staff promised to look after the pup until her owner sorted out everything and was able to pick her up.

According to Pace, Aries is a very friendly and sweet dog who loves to flop on her back, expecting belly rubs from anyone nearby. 

Dogs do have an intuition of knowing where they are and where they can be safe,” he said. “She knows that she’s safe here, that she has people here that will take care of her and dogs are pretty intuitive when it comes to that kind of thing.”

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Nevena Nacic
Nevena Nacic

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