The Trooping of the Corgis!

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
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Diamond tiaras and state dinners could never hold a candle to the love had by Queen Elizabeth II for her beloved Corgis. Which is why it was so fitting that a collection of monarch loyalists converged on Buckingham Palace in a trooping of the Corgis earlier this week.

Marking the first anniversary of the September 8th passing of everyone’s favorite royal, more than 20 of the vertically challenged pooches were decked out in their finest bib and tucker to pay homage to HRH. And boy, did they dress the part; from crowns and tiaras to royal blue neckerchiefs, “medals” and classic dress uniforms… they did her proud.

But when exactly did Elizabeth II’s love affair with this stocky little herder first begin? It started back in 1933 with the Windsor family pooch – a Pembroke Welsh Corgi called Dookie. He was followed shortly after by another Corgi named Jane (don’t you love animals with people’s names?) And for her 18th birthday yet another Corgi from Papa that the then-Princess named Susan. It’s confirmed that throughout her lifetime, the monarch played pet parent to over 30 Corgis and that all were descended in one way or another, from her first dog, Susan. I love that!

The Queen was also known to be quite hands-on in the care of her dogs including their feeding, the fair distribution of treats, daily walks, and always making sure their Christmas stockings were stuffed with all their favorite goodies. I can SO relate to this woman. She was also known to pack them into limos and private planes for many of those away-from-home excursions. Hmmm… maybe not so much.

HRH also dabbled in the breeding of Corgis and was instrumental in developing the Dorgi – a Dachshund/Corgi mix that while loyal and endearing, didn’t have quite the right pedigree to make it onto the coveted American Kennel Club (AKC) list of top dog breeds.

So, while we’re on the topic of breeds, do you know the difference between the Queen’s beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Cardigan Corgi? Pembroke’s have a docked tail (versus full fan tail), are slightly lighter than the Cardigan, and have pointy, upright fox-like ears versus the rounded silhouette of the Cardigan. Just an interesting little tidbit!

And as Elizabeth II coordinated all aspects of her funeral well in advance and with a full understanding that the world would be watching, it should come as no surprise that Muick and Sandy – her final two Corgis – would be waiting for their mistress as her casket passed through the doors of Windsor Castle. A dog-lover to the end!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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