Never Scoop Again With Litter-Robot, The Purrfect Gift For Cat Lovers

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Cats like a clean litter box just as much as cat owners do, but scooping clumps can be a hassle. Whisker’s Litter-Robot, the highest-rated, self-cleaning litter box for cats, eliminates the need to scoop the litter box. The newest model, Litter-Robot 4, provides a clean bed of litter for your cats after every use. It features patented sifting technology that sifts out waste after every use and deposits it into a tightly-sealed waste drawer, helping to keep odor under control. For Black Friday, you can scoop one up for less, with $75 off bundles with the Purrfect Litter-Robot accessories you will want.

What Sets the Litter-Robot Apart?

Litter-Robot 4 features an advanced, patented, sifting technology with QuietSift™ for nearly-silent sifting. That’s right, you don’t have to scoop and you don’t hear the litter being sifted. What could be better?

The worst part of cat litter is the odor issues, but with Litter-Robot 4’s OdorTrap® System featuring a carbon filter or optional OdorTrap® Packs as well as a sealed extra-large waste drawer, odor issues are a thing of the past. The Litter-Robot works for homes with up to four cats, too. The drawer needs to be emptied approximately once every two weeks, per cat. The design utilizes a combination of lasers and weight sensors to detect cat activity and tracks it through Whisker’s SafeCat System with OmniSense® Detections for accurate cat detection and enhanced safety.

You can keep track of things using real-time cat monitoring in the Whisker app. This app allows you to remotely view litter and waste drawer levels, cat weight with the unit’s SmartScale®, and litter box activity. It is a great way to monitor your cat’s health.

Bundle Up and Save BIG

The Litter-Robot is on sale right now with big savings on bundles. You can get a LitterTrap® Mat, ramp, OdorTrap® Packs, and special home furniture to keep your Litter-Robot out of sight. You can save $75 off the price of the bundles, and score 25% off the cost of subscription services. No code needed!

About Whisker

Litter-Robot by Whisker was launched in 2000 by Brad Baxter, a passionate cat parent, and engineer who was tired of scooping the litter box. Litter-Robot has served over 1 million cat owners. Building on over 20 years of expertise with the need for quality cat products, Whisker launched the Litter-Robot 4 in May 2022. Whisker's team of over 50 engineers designed the Litter-Robot 4 with patented-sifting technology, real-time monitoring and health insights, and odor neutralization, alongside a beautiful, sleek design.

NOTE: This is sponsored content produced in partnership with Litter-Robot.

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