Will SWELCE Replace Rover? Time Will Tell

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce prove influential when its time to name that new pet.

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You don’t have to be a true-blue Swiftie to have been swept up in the latest gossip circulating about Taylor Swift, her not-so-rumored beau, Travis Kelce and their latest shenanigans. TBT, it’s almost impossible to dodge the myriad updates on the perky chanteuse and her NFL player pal... c’mon, as if we’d ever want to.

Now, for serious fans you’ll likely have added Anti-Hero to your ring-tone, included all her recent tunes on your Spotify playlist and sat for hours hitting refresh on your laptop as you desperately try to score tickets to her show – am I right?

Well, here’s a news update. For those truly loyal to Team Taylor, there’s one more show of support that will seriously secure your spot as her number-one fan - naming your pet after the perky Pennsylvanian or that hunky boyfriend of hers, Travis Kelce. Please no re-naming Rover – it only confuses him and makes your devotion a tad fanatical!

So, it’s only natch, an organization like Embrace Pet Insurance (who understandably have amassed a never-ending client roster of dog and cat names) is quick to pick up on a growing divergence from last year’s favorite handles of Max, Charlie, Rocky, Luna, or Bella to those that reflect a rather clear shift in loyalty.

In fact, Embrace has noted an obvious nod to Swift’s Evermore and Folklore albums including such names as Willow (a whopping 1,500 of their furry clients now carry this winsome moniker) and Betty of broken-heart fame. Hey, nobody does the scorned-yet-standing thing better than Taylor. And there’s more, like Red from her album of the same name, Romeo, Juliet, Rebel, August, and of course “Taylor”. But tight-end Kelce’s appearance has also made an impression with names like Chief and Red for the Kansas City Chief’s team color or Wolf (in honor of the team mascot), all growing in popularity. Even “Travis” and “Kelce’ are starting to crop up on dog collars throughout the land (seriously!).

And just like “Brangelina”, KimYe”, and “Bennifer”, before them, this dynamic duo has now been assigned a blended moniker “Swelce”. Hmmm…. it’s trying really hard to gain traction but just doesn’t roll off the tongue the way those predecessors do. Let’s hope pet parents go the Lavender, Scarlet, Opal and Inez route (drawing from Swift’s many song titles) rather than burdening their pet with a hard-to-pronounce designation that may or may not stand the test of time. 

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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