Pawesome Valentine’s Day Dog Gifts That Let You Share The Love!

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I’m all about transparency, so here goes. My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with each other because… meh. We’re over it. But we DO celebrate it with our sweet doggy divas! How so, you ask? Check out our favorite ways to share the fur love this Valentine’s Day.

uCho Indestructible Dog Rose ToyWill you accept this rose dog

Is it even Valentine’s Day if someone isn’t asking someone else if they’ll accept a rose? Or wait, is that a television show? Either way, your dog will love the Never Wither Rose dog chew from uCho. It’s indestructible–so much so that the company will replace it if your doggo ends up doing  a number on it. Nubbed for teeth cleaning as they play, you’ll want to give your dog a rose every day.

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Heart Tutu Dog Dress CostumeValentine's Tutu for dogs

Holy adorable! This little tutu dress combo will have all the dogs drooling. Your little sweetheart will look precious wearing this comfortable and lightweight tulle skirt adorned by a sweet little band that gives every dog who wants to be extra the ease in doing so. It pulls on easily and instantly turns your pup into a Valentine’s princess.

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Fido Fizzies Bath Bombs

Fido Fizzies are the best bath bombs for dogs

We think your dogs are going to love bath time if it includes bath bombs. Yes, bath bombs. You love them for a nice relaxing bath, so why wouldn’t your dog? They’re thoughtfully sourced and made and designed to be effective but non-toxic grooming soaps and tools for your dogs. If bath time has to happen, make it a relaxing one that leads to some awesome grooming. Don’t forget the rose petals. Because, you know. Valentine’s Day.

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Benebone Zaggler

Your dog will think you really love him when you share this fun Benebone, the Zaggler. It’ll entertain them as they go chasing after the 100% USA-sourced real bacon, and they won’t even know you’re loving on their dental hygiene while they’re playing with it.

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Snuggle PuppyA Snuggle Puppy is perfect for snuggling on Valentine's Day

And if you’re going to bring a new forever family member into the fold, you must have a Snuggle Puppy! This adorable little creature has just celebrated its 23rd birthday and helps thousands of new pets get over that initial anxiety they may have in your home. It’s an all-natural solution for helping with anxiety as it mimics maternal intimacy with a ‘real-feel’ heartbeat that pulses and warmth. Yes, you’ll want to be snuggling your pet all you can, but when you can’t? Snuggle Puppy can.

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Holiday-Themed Bow Tiesholiday-themed bow ties for dogs

These holiday-themed bow ties are not just fabulous for Valentine’s Day, but all of spring too as there are bow ties for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day too. Easy to adjust and offering a couple of different options for each holiday, your dog can look dapper every-day of the week.

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Valentine’s Plush ToysThese plush toys are hits for Valentine's Day

Another must-have for Valentine’s Day, of course–conversation hearts. These are perfect for the job! Each set for cats and for dogs has three toys that are perfect for honoring true fur love. They’re embroidered with fun sayings and they’re a great way to give a(nother) piece of your heart to your pets.

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PawStruck Femur BonesThese are great ways to show love for dental health

It’s a special occasion, after all, so let your dog think you’re giving her the best treat ever with these PawStruck Femur Bones. Yes, she’ll love how delicious the USA-made filling is but the best part about these bones from this small, family-run company is that again, you’ll be taking care of your doggy’s dental health and they won’t even know it. Less tartar and plaque on the teeth are better for your dog’s whole-body health, but let’s face it. It’s better breath for them too, and that makes them all the more kissable. Check out Pawstruck’s entire line!

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Dexas  MudBusterDexas Mudbuster will help keep paws clean

No one loves to cuddle with a puppy who has muddy paws. Okay, we’re lying. We’ll take cuddles anytime and anyway we can get them. But, it’s way better when our doggos’ paws are clean (and better for them, too, since muddy paws can irritate them and become infected). This MudBuster is a breeze to use and you can keep it right by the door for easy in and out.

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Lazy Dog MuttMallow Treats

Of course you want to give your dog a loving treat for Valentine’s Day, and these Mutt Mallow treats from one of our favorite companies, The Lazy Dog Cookie Co., meets the bill! They are made from simple and delicious ingredients that your dog will go wild over. You’ll be able to share the love over and over and over again. In maple-bacon Kisses flaver, no less.

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Valentine’s Day CostumeValentines Bandana for Dog

We know that some dogs out there just like being a little Extra. As evidenced by the Tutu above. But, this bandana and headband set is a great way to match and share the love without being quite as loud on V-Day. The headband is adjustable for a comfy fit and in that bandana offering free kisses? Get ready to (bow) wow everyone you see.

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