5 Must-Have Dog Books For Kids

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Your family dog is most likely your child’s best friend. Dogs are the ideal companion for kids: They listen without judgment, they’re always there to cheer you up with a happy lick and they’re never too busy to play! Not only are dogs a companion and playmate, they can also teach children about responsibility and compassion to other living being.

Whether your family is bringing a pup home for the first time or your child already has a furry BFF, we’ve put together a list of five must-have dog books your kids need to read.

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My DogMy Dog!: A Kids’ Guide to Keeping a Happy and Healthy Pet: This kid-friendly book focuses on the basics of everything dog related. This includes handling, grooming, feeding, history, commands, health checks, communication, body language and behavior. There’s also a field guide to 75 popular dog breeds. My Dog! is complete with colorful illustrations, a customizable cover, tabbed chapters, and a pull-out dry-erase dog care chart. Order your copy today on Amazon for $13.95.

Don’t Lick the dogDon’t Lick the Dog: Making Friends with Dogs: Now, that’s good advice! Most kids love dogs and will run up to pet a strange pooch. This helpful book teaches children how to interact with unfamiliar dogs. It’s a how-to manual that’s created in a humorous way with plenty of playful illustrations. To order your copy for $17.99, visit Amazon.

Everything DogEverything Dog: What pup-related topics does your child keep asking about? Have the answers on hand with Everything Dog. This book is chock-full of colorful pictures, close-up views of breeds and is written in a question-and-answer format that answers kids most frequently asked questions about dogs. You can pick up a copy for $6.16 on Jet.com.

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How to speak dogHow to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language: This fun, informative book from National Geographic Kids is filled with pictures that help kids understand their dog better. Your child will learn key canine concepts and tips on how to respond by reading a dog’s body language and behavior. Order your copy today at for $12.95 at Amazon.

How to care for your dogHow to Care for Your Dog: A Color & Learn Guide for Kids: It’s easier to learn when you get to color! This helpful resource is filled with suggestions for caring for a dog. It has kid-friendly captions and tips, plus 30 easy-to-color illustrations. Your child will learn about grooming, training, feeding, and companionship, as well as how to provide a healthy and safe environment for a pet. Available now on Amazon for $3.99.

These books will keep your child engaged and interested in learning about how to groom, care, feed, communicate and play with a dog. They will also learn about different dog breeds and the history behind each one. No matter what age your child is or at what stage your dog is in, there’s always room to grow and learn, and these books will guide them in the right direction.

Keep these books on a shelf nearby for reference. Encourage your children to read the books to learn more about their dog. Teaching your child to properly communicate and treat a dog with respect, as well as build a strong bond with their dog is essential to keeping peace and harmony between your dog and child.

The colorful illustrations and kid-friendly writing in the books listed above will encourage your child to learn more about dogs in a fun and inventive way. They’re also great to share with other children who are frequent your home, such as neighborhood friends and school mates. Add these books to your home library today to teach your child how to make the most out of having a dog as a best friend.

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