Keep Your Home Safe And Spotless With Pet-Friendly Natural Cleaning Pr

Shellie Sutera
by Shellie Sutera
As a pet parent, keeping your house clean poses more than just a mess hazard. Keep it clean with natural cleaning products that are safe for your pet.

Most pet parents have experienced that moment when guests arrive at the house for the first time. You open the front door, only to find them scrunching up their nose as if they smell moldy cheese. The sudden shock overwhelms you when you realize they are assaulted by pet odors that fill your home!

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You may have been neglecting you household cleaning duties because you don’t want to use harsh chemicals or products that could be hazardous to your dog’s health. Well, you can’t rely on that lazy excuse anymore. PL360 line of natural cleaning products should be on the top of the list of must-haves. Here are a few items you want to keep stocked in your home to keep it clean and lickably safe.

PL360 Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes: Let’s face it; dogs are talented when it comes to spreading their dirt and slobber. Your coffee tables, end tables, furniture and floors are just a few areas you will find gross messes left behind by your dog. The Multi Surface Wipes have a plant-based formula that powerfully removes stubborn messes. They are so safe and easy to use that you will find yourself using them for a multitude of spills and messes throughout your home.

PL360 Multi Surface Cleaner: Are you a clean freak that loves the sound of spraying cleaning solution on everything in sight? Don’t be embarrassed of your cleaning obsession – many pet parents enjoy having a clean home. The Multi Surface Cleaner comes in a convenient spray bottle that will leave your surfaces spotless and smelling like fresh citrus. Use it on a multitude of surfaces to keep your home clean, smelling great and germ free.

PL360 Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder: Carpet may keep your feet warm and toasty during the winter months but it also absorbs a wide range of odors. Everything from cooking to pet odors gets soaked into the carpet and can make your home smell funky and sometimes even repulsive. Before you open your front door to your next guests, play it safe and use Odor Neutralizing Carpet Powder that is powerful due to its amazing natural ingredients of baking soda and plant-based neutralizers. Your home will be filled with the natural scent of energizing citrus.

PL360 Stain & Odor Remover: Your dog is full of surprises. Most of the time they are cute happy ones involving tricks and toys, but other times those surprises can be vomit, feces and urine. Those gross surprises are ones that every pet owner can do without, but is forced to deal with at one time or another. The Stain & Odor remover is excellent at removing deep set-in stubborn stains and messes. The neutralizers in the plant-based formula attack the stains and deodorize with a fresh citrus scent.

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There are plenty of reasons to like PL360’s cleaning products, including the fact that they are free of sulfates, phthalates, phosphates, bleach and ammonia. Plus, they’re non-allergenic and completely safe to be used around dogs and other pets in the household.

No more excuses! It’s time to get down and dirty the natural and pet-safe way. Give PL360 a try and tell us what you think of these products in the comment section below.

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Shellie Sutera
Shellie Sutera

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