15 Dastardly Dog Costumes For a Spooktacular Halloween

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
If you’re looking to include your four-legged ghoul in this year’s Hallow’s Eve festivities, these costumes will definitely be a treat (no tricks, we promise!).

1. Pupaccino

One large, love-filled dog with plenty of kisses and big, beady eyes to go please!

2. Fab-Boo-Lous

Who ever said frills dresses were just for birthdays and balls was totally wrong because this pooch is rocking this frock!

3. Tootsie roll

Not only is Fido faster than a speeding bullet, he’s also sweeter than this Tootsie roll costume!

4. Thor

Beware of angering your dog, for now he is equipped with Thor’s mighty hammer… and not having thumbs won’t stop him from using it!

5. Hooter

If your dog gets bug-eyed and wild at the sight of costumes, maybe this witchy owl bandana will better suit his fashion sense,

6. Chick Magnet

If you thought you were going to get all the babes at your next Halloween bash…think again, because this pooch is a chick magnet.

7. King

You may give me food, human, but I am the King and this property belongs to me – just go look and sniff all the golden shower corners if you don’t believe me!

8. Pikachu

You certainly can’t fit this dog in a Pokeball…but if you throw it, this Pikachu will fetch it!

9. Unicorn Hoodie

Let your pooch be what they always wanted to be this Halloween: a tiny multi-coloured stallion with a horn adorned atop of their happy little heads.

10. Sir Barks a lot

Day or (k)night, this dog is always ready for a battle…right after a big bowl of kibble and some belly rubs.

11. Pirate

I might not have a lot of booty….but as a pooch pirate, I can sure sniff some chocolate-covered gold coins from miles away!

12. Rapunzel

I will let you get to the tower by letting down my Rapunzel-like hair…but only if you give me all those treats first.

13. eWok

What better costume to dress up a cute, furry dog than as another cute, furry creature? It’s almost like they were always eWoks to begin with.

14. Spooky Collar

When your dog hates any and every kind of costume, you can keep with the spooky spirit by getting this seasonal collar adorned with ghosts and pumpkins.

15. Spider Dog

This spider dog costume is so freaky, it might actually scare some sense into you.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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