Best 10 Harnesses For Bernedoodles

Gooby makes step-in harnesses in many colors

1. Gooby Choke Free Harness. This easy to step in and out of harness from Gooby is made of neoprene and easy to care for. It’s lightweight and comfy on your Bernedoodle and comes in several colors. It’s best for medium to large Bernedoodles.

This harness prevents a Bernedoodle from pulling.

2. Xanady No-pull Harness. A Standard-sized poodle bred with a Bernese Mountain Dog may mean you end up with a 90 pound Bernedoodle! Their desire to work is strong, and so you may want to work with a no-pull harness to help with training and walks. This one by Xanady is comfy with mesh padding and comes in several pretty colors. It’s made with a reflective material and if you like it and have a smaller Bernedoodle, there are tons of sizes.

Kurgo makes a crash tested harness for your Bernedoodle

3. Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Harness. This is a pretty sweet harness, crash-tested for safety and including it’s own seatbelt tether. It has a life-time warranty and can fit a Bernedoodle who is five pounds or 90 depending on the size you choose to buy.

This basic harness is a great choice for your Bernedoodle

4. DexDog EZ Harness. This easy step-in/step-out harness is basic but does the job, and we have to say, we dig the color. Your Bernedoodle will be kept safe and near and it’s guaranteed to be what you want. It comes in tons of colors and the sizes range from teeny to extra large so you should find the perfect fit.

Blueberry has cool colored harnesses for your Bernedoodle

5. Blueberry Harness in Nautical or Tribal. This walk-in/out harness from Blueberry is polyester and easy-to-clean. It comes in some of the coolest patterns and colors we’ve found and is durable enough to keep the biggest Bernedoodle safe and allow the smallest to have neck protection.

These Blueberry harnesses are great for a smaller Bernedoodle

6. Blueberry No-Pull Harness. You may prefer this Blueberry harness–padded in the chest front or comfort and particularly easy to use with a puppy or smaller Bernedoodle. Blueberry always has patterns and prints we love and they are so easy to care for.

Pawaboo makes a great hiking harness for Bernedoodles

7. Pawaboo Saddle Harness For Hiking. Your Bernedoodle most likely loves the great outdoors, so this is a fabulous harness that fits the bill of keeping her safe and comfy and also allowing her to help out on the adventures you take. It’s made of breathable Oxford cloth and is lightweight for the carry.

This ThinkPet harness is a great option for your Bernedoodle

8. ThinkPet Mesh Soft-Air Harness. This harness is designed for smaller Bernedoodles and has soft texture with no hard edges so it doesn’t irritate their skin. If you have a feisty one who pulls, it will make sure they’re comfy and controlled and it’s reflective for safety.

A leather harness may be a great choice for your Bernedoodle

9. Leather Harness. If you’re looking for a basic leather harness to keep your Bernedoodle safe when out and about, this is a great option. It’s a buckle in back with the rings for leash also in back, and comfortable leather that is super durable.

This leather safety harness is a good choice for your Bernedoodle

10.OCSOSO Leather Harness. If your Bernedoodle needs something with a bit more density and surface area, this leather harness from OCSOSO may be the ticket. It’s 100% leather with safety, and it’s durable. It’s best for medium-larger Bernedoodles.