Best Dog Collars for Stylish Pooches

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Dog collars might be the most popular dog accessory in the history of pet products. Even though trends change with time and technological innovations influence the selection, dog collars seem to be one of the rare products that neither go out of style or become obsolete. Dog collars are used daily for identification purposes or for walking dogs (for those who don’t need a sturdy harness instead), as well as purely decoratively- a comfy, unobtrusive way to dress up your pooch a little bit. With such popularity and widespreadness of dog collars, it doesn’t surprise that there are hundreds of different types, from dog collars for training to dog collars for night walking, and everything else you can think of in between.

The best dog collars combine attractive design with perfect function, be it identification, security, or both. Even if you don’t use a collar to walk your dog, you want something sturdy and reliable that will stay on your pooch even if they get lost (the worst scenario) or their younger furry sibling tries to take it off in play (the most likely scenario). The materials used for the dog collar should be durable and tough enough to withstand all of your pooch’s shenanigans- both indoors and outdoors. Additional features such as personalized contact information, reflective strips or even GPS devices can only be a welcome benefit. Also, a dog collar should be easy to clean or at least difficult to get dirty. Because let’s face it, your little furball will stink it up or muddy it in no time. Or is that my troop of grimy gremlins? Either way, there’s no denying that the ideal dog collar is comfortable, attractive, tough and easy to clean. The only trick is finding one that ticks all the boxes!

This list of top 15 dog collars for stylish pooches has a little something for everybody- take a look and pick out your fave!

Top 10 Dog Collars : CollarDirect Nylon Tribal Pattern

Trendy and colorful, this nylon dog collar features three different designs inspired by tribal motifs. The vibrant and vivid colors of the collar suit both light-haired pooches and those with a darker coat–it will stand out either way! This stylish dog collar is suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike, as the side release buckle makes it easy to put on and take off- by you, not your dog, naturally. Also, with a carbon plated D-ring you don’t have to worry about walks–just attach a leash and you’re ready to hit the pavement with your pooch. Alternatively, you can use the D-ring to attach an identification tag, as this collar doesn’t come personalized. CollarDirect tribal dog collar is available in 5 sizes, fitting necks from 7 inches to 26 inches.

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Top 10 Dog Collars : Safe Dog Emergency Break-Away Customizable Collar

Are you afraid that your pooch will get lost and no one will figure out he has a loving owner looking for him? Personalized dog collars with embroidered information can help prevent this unfortunate scenario. And, to boot, they’re quite dapper as well! This elegant black nylon dog collar features your pet’s name embroidered in cursive and your phone number stitched right below it, so if the worst happens- a good Samaritan will know who to call. In addition to personalized contact info, this life-saving dog collar features patented Break-Away Technology that ensures the collar is released when snagged on something- preventing choking and injury.

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Best Dog Collars: Polka Dot Flocking Dog Collar

For those pretty princesses with four legs and a wagging tail, you can’t go wrong with these delicate and girly dog collars by Blueberry Pet. The flocked velvety polka dots printed on the pastel webbing give a lovely touch to the design and feel lush and soft to touch. But the attention-grabbing detail must be the gorgeous detachable flower accessory. Your pup will look and feel like the belle of the ball flaunting this stylish dog collar. And if you think the flower is too much for a simple walk to the park, you can remove it and still have a beautiful collar, even without the frills. This particular design with velvet polka dots and faux flower comes in two color options: pastel purple and baby pink. The available sizes are small, medium, and large.

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Top 10 Dog Collars : Rachel Pet Products Silver Rivets Studded Genuine Leather Dog Collar

Stylish, but make it punk? Hey, we get ya–rock chic is never out of fashion! This PVC leather dog collar is studded with silver rivets and makes for an ideal accessory for large dog breeds. The width of the collar is bigger than your average collar (2 inches), which is perfect when you have a Great Dane, Pitbull, or a Rottweiler–just to name a few of these big beautiful softies who would look gorgeous rocking this studded collar. You can choose between red, brown, pink, white, camo, gold brown, and pink cheetah print, to further personalize your pooch’s new bling. Rachel Pet Products dog collar fits pooches with necks from 15 inches to 24 inches.

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Your pretty pooch and dapper dog will be dressed for any occasion in their Unique Style Paws Bow Tie Dog Collar.  With six different styles to choose from you may want to pick up a couple depending on the size of your canine’s closet. Made from pure cotton that won’t irritate your dog’s skin, each bowtie is hand-sewn and attached to the collar. If it turns out your pup is a tad overdressed for their play date, don’t worry as the bowtie is detachable and the collar is a fashion statement all on its own. They can be washed in your washer on the gentle cycle and then hung to dry.  All of the hardware is extremely durable and sturdy.  Make sure you use their sizing chart and take a minute to measure your mutt so you can be sure to order the correct size.

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Top 10 Dog Collars : Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable Dog Collar

Are you a night owl who takes their pooch in tow for walks after the sun sets? If so, you’ll need a reflective collar that will make sure your pet is easily visible in the dark and minimize safety risks from night traffic. Well, Illumiseen is the next step after the “plain” reflective dog collars. A cute fluorescent colored dog collar by day, Ilumiseen transforms into a beaming, flashing collar at night. Charged by USB, this dog collar boasts LED illuminating strips that can be set to steady, rapid flashing or slow flash mode. A one-hour charge will give you 5 hours of illumination- so you don’t have to charge it every time you take your pooch out. Available in green, blue, orange, red, pink, and yellow.

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Top 10 Dog Collars : Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

Stylish and luxurious, this dog collar is made out of genuine leather and it’s a perfect gift for any pampered pooch. The collar was made using soft, full-grain naturally tanned genuine leather, and no chemicals were used to achieve the stunning colors–it’s perfectly safe to be snug against your dog’s sensitive skin. The inner part of the collar is softly padded and makes sure your pet loves wearing his new fashion accessory. In addition to the brown and pink combo pictured, this collar is available in a few more trendy two-tone variations.

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Classic Stripe Genuine Leather & Polyester Webbing Dog Collar for Stylish Pooches

This dog collar combines the best of two worlds- the exclusivity and quality of genuine leather with versatility and durability of polyester webbing. The design of this line is classic and timeless, and it will look stylish on any pooch, regardless of their sex, size, or breed. Both long-haired and short-haired pets look gorgeous rocking these beautiful collars! In addition to the red and brown combo, you can pick one of the remaining 10 other vibrant and gorgeous designs, from simple bi-color like hot pink and purple, to the colorful options such as multicolor crayon stripes design.

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Top 10 Dog Collars : Blueberry Pet Spring Scent Designs

Is it spring yet? With these gorgeous spring-inspired dog collars, you’ll feel like it’s always sunny outside when you take your pooch out for a walk. Made out of high-density polyester with plastic buckles, this dog collar is both durable and lightweight. It might not be the best choice for rugged outdoor adventures, but city pooches will love strutting their stuff with these floral designs around their neck. There are 13 floral designs in this collection, and in addition to collars in varying sizes, you can complete the set with a matching leash, harness, lanyard, and seatbelt tether. Talk about a furry fashion theme!

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Top 10 Dog Collars : Personalized Dog Collar with Name Plate

Your contact information doesn’t have to be embroidered or printed out directly on the collar; you also don’t have to buy personalized ID tags. This customized dog collar lets everybody know what your pupper’s digits are by engraving it directly on the metal buckle, for the whole world to see- just the way you want it. The laser engravement on the metal buckle is undeniably one of the more durable (if not the most durable) option out there, as it won’t wash away or wear away with age. Available in four adjustable sizes and 6 colors- lime, orchid, aqua, black, sky blue, and red.

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Top 10 Dog Collars : Red Dingo Designer Daisy Chain Dog Collar

Your little missy will love flaunting her new floral collar! Made out of magenta-colored abrasion-resistant nylon material, this gorgeous collar lets your pooch embrace her inner flower child while staying safe on the leash. The patented Bucklebone clip is both cute and one of the stronger side-release buckles out there, so the collar is quite easy to put on. Also, the stainless steel D-ring lets you attach any type of leash with ease. The daisy chain design is very up to date and will make sure your four-legged trendsetter looks her best in the doggie park–whether she’s an X-small petite pooch or a large breed gal. 

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Oh la la! If you have a cultured canine, this artsy dog collar is an absolute must in their “wardrobe”. Inspired by the most recognizable impressionist paintings, this eco-friendly everyday dog collar depicts the motifs from Van Gogh’s works. The material is recycled PET webbing, which is not only good for the planet- but for your pet’s delicate coat, too, as this is a much softer fabric than nylon is. This one inch wide collar is machine washable and available in 3 sizes, small through to large. As for the designs, you can choose between the Starry Night, Almond Blossom, Red Poppies, Sunflowers, Wheatfield, and Irises. All the great classics in one place!

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Top 10 Dog Collars : Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collars

These might not be diamonds, but your best friend will look stunning in this bling either way. Adorned with 5 rows of sparkly rhinestones, this stylish dog collar will make your dog feel and look like royalty. And they don’t deserve anything less! This 2-inch wide PU leather necklace looks particularly great on bigger dogs, but it’s no less beautiful on petite pooches. You can choose between 8 colors- there’s a shade for every doggo’s preference.

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Top 10 Dog Collars : Blueberry Pet 10 Colors Multi-Colored Stripe Collection

There’s something to be said for casual (canine) chic. You don’t have to go for a sparkly necklace or bells and whistles to get your pooch to look well put together. These colorful dog collars offer plenty of color combos to suit anyone’s taste and come in a range of sizes from small to extra large dogs. The 3M reflective threads that run through polyester webbing offer better visibility during evening walks, so you can use this double D-ring collar to walk your pooch without worrying about safety. Additionally, you can buy additional gear with the same design to complete the set, including leashes, harnesses, seat belt tethers and more. 

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It’s not just floral prints and diamond studs that make a stylish pooch. More often than not, style is about the coolness factor — and this military-inspired dog collar is coolness personified. If your version of style is more rugged, sporty, or tough, you’ll want your pet touting this high-quality collar for large dogs. Produced from heavy-duty nylon webbing, M1-K9 military collar is made to last. It comes with its own matching leash (5 ft long) and a utility pouch for storage. In addition to the military olive green, there are black, tan, orange, red, and pink options to choose from. At  2.25 inches of width, this is one of the widest dog collars around and it’s suited ideally for big dogs.

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Picking out a collar for your dog might seem as simple as pointing at the cutest design and popping it onto your canine’s gracious neck, but that’s not how it works, unfortunately. It takes time and effort to make sure that you’re getting the right kind of dog collar. Even if you want a dog collar purely for ornamental purposes, you have to pick out a type that will be comfy and safe for your precious pet- and to do so, you’ll need to consider a few factors.

  • Size

The dimensions of the dog collar are, naturally, one of the most important factors. You want a collar that will be a snug fit- not too tight to choke your pet and not too loose as to slide over their heads. After all, despite looking cute or stylish, a collar is there primarily to help you ensure your pet’s safety when you’re out on a walk, and for it to serve its purpose, it has to stay firmly but comfortably on the dog’s neck. For a perfect fit, measure your dog’s neck with a measuring tape to get the most precise results- and pick their collar accordingly. Luckily, most if not all dog collars can be adjusted for a customized fit, so ballparking it can usually get you good results- but it’s not a guarantee. This is especially true for cute mutts that are “in-between” sizes so you can’t rely on the breed size standard to make the choice blindly.

  • Type of collar

Not all dog collars are made alike: and that is meant literally because there are many different designs and options on the market. Each type will suit a particular need, be it to train your pooch not to pull on the leash or to make sure that they don’t slide out of your grip when you’re in an unsafe area. There are many different types of collars available, including slip collars, martingale, everyday collars, chain collars, etc. However, the most common type of dog collars is flat or rolled collars that come in many designs and materials and fasten with a buckle or quick-release clasps (and we’ll be recommending these as they are a perfect fit for the majority of dogs). To boot, flat collars are also suited for all dog age groups and can be used during training or for everyday use.

  • Collar material

Next, you have your choice of materials. The material of the collar might not seem as important, but it can tell you a lot: both about the durability of the collar you have your eye on, as well as how comfortable it will be for your pet to wear. Most pet owners prefer cheap yet durable nylon, as it is easy to keep clean, it comes in many different colors and patterns˛ and it’s the most common type of dog collars there is. Nylon dog collars are also pleasant for dogs, as they are not harsh against the skin and they are lightweight- when they are the right size and put on correctly, no pooch could complain about this collar.

Sometimes, though, you need something tougher than plain nylon–or simply want a more luxurious collar for your pampered pooch, in which case genuine leather is a great choice. Not only that leather is a natural material that will breathe and adapt to your pet’s body and skin after some wear, but it is all but indestructible with proper maintenance. Nowadays, leather dog collars come in a variety of colors and textures, so you don’t have to go for the classic brown or black if you want something a bit more vibrant to fit your doggo’s lively personality.

For those that are looking for some sort of a compromise between real leather and nylon- eg vegan pet owners that oppose using leather for ethical reasons or those that are on a budget but still want the elegant look of leather just without breaking the bank, there’s always PU leather. PU leather, or polyurethane leather, is faux leather that will give you the distinct feel and look of leather, but it is made from synthetic materials. As such, it will not be as durable as the “real deal” but it will be much cheaper and available in all possible colors and prints you could think of.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg- from velvet to cotton canvas, to zirconia studded and metal spikes on faux leather, dog collars come in all shapes and sizes. You just need to choose the one that suits your dog the most!

To make sure your four-legged fashionista looks his or her best, we’ve focused on dog collars for stylish pooches. These beautifully designed collars are not just eye-candy, though. They are made from high-quality materials, they’re durable, and have hundreds–if not thousands–of pet pawrents backing them with rave reviews. In other words–only the best for your canine companion. If you’re looking for a new accessory for your pet, whether to make walks safer or to ensure your fur baby is fashionable- we’ve got you covered.

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