Books That Tap Into Your Genius Pet’s Undiscovered Genius

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
Have you always speculated your pet was the next Stephen Hawking? The Test Your Dog’s and Cat’s IQ books will confirm your pet’s intelligence with fun skill-testing questions!

If fostering cats has taught me anything, it’s that animal’s personalities are as diverse and multifaceted as you would find in any group of humans. One Siamese cross kitten I took care of would actively seek out the syringes for his medication and hide them under his bed so he didn’t have to take his yucky tasting antibiotics. Another kitten, the timid Winston, would become frightened every time he saw his reflection in the mirror and routinely ate bugs. Having lived with about a dozen cats over the years, you get exposed to a wide range of kitty mental fortitude. Intelligence goes hand and hand with other personality traits your pet might have, so why not discover just how smart they really are?

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Pet owners have always had sneaking suspicions about the genius levels of their best friends. It’s fun to speculate which dogs might be canine Einsteins, and which ones would be better suited just chasing their tails. Sure your dog knows how to shake a paw, but can they also introduce themselves in multiple languages? If your dog has untapped brain power, could they be doing your taxes for you with a little extra training? Certain breeds of dogs are commended for their ability to perform tricks and mind-boggling stunts, but how do we know what our canine pals are really thinking? With all those extrasensory capabilities dogs are known for, it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that a lot goes on between their ears.

Interestingly enough, a recent Japanese study published in the Animal Cognition publication suggested that cats possess a basic knowledge of the principles of physics, something my high school self would be jealous of! Would it be too far of a stretch to teach Mr. Whiskers about quantum mechanics? Amazingly, we may finally get an answer to the age-old “how smart is my pet” question!

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Two brand-new books from SkyHorse publishing entitled “ Test your Dog’s IQ Genius Edition” and “ How To Test Your Cat’s IQ Genius Edition” are guides to help you confirm your pets undiscovered genius. The handbooks feature kitty and canine versions of an IQ test, including various performance-based tests and hypothetical situations to place your pet in. I hope your BFF did their homework instead of eating it, as the choices your animal friend makes will help you score their intelligence on a numerical scale. If Fido scores a little lower than expected, the books also help with developing your pet’s intelligence, featuring lots of fun brain boosting activities to keep your fur baby mentally active. Both books feature bright illustrations to both entertain and guide readers through the IQ testing process. Taking a test has never been this fun or easy before!

Harvard doesn’t have a “species” box to check on their applications, but who knows how far your pet may go? No matter what intelligence level your animal is at, I’m sure they’re very happy with their choice to be by your side, and for now that’s what really matters.

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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