Guide Dog Trigger Retires After Fathering Over 300 Puppies

Nevena Nacic
by Nevena Nacic

A nine-year-old golden retriever, nicknamed The Dogfather, is going to a well-earned retirement after fathering a grand total of 323 puppies. Trigger has spent his years being the star stud dog of Guide Dogs. This charity organization specializes in breeding and training guide dogs for people with visual impairment in the United Kingdom. 

Since the beginning of his stud career in December 2016, Trigger has fathered 39 litters, including a record-breaking litter with 16 puppies in 2021. 

According to Guide Dogs, 294 of Trigger’s puppies have been bred by the charity itself, and an additional 29 puppies by other assistance dog charities and guide dog schools, bringing his grand total to 323 puppies.

The Dogfather’s final litter consisted of six puppies, including five daughters named Rita, Jenny, Hermione, Indy, and Sandy, and a son, named Billy. The last of Trigger's offspring are eight weeks old and about to start their guide dog training and will be living with volunteer puppy raisers for the next year. 

Trigger’s legacy can be seen in the independence and confidence his progeny has brought to the lives of blind and partially sighted people all over Britain,” shared Guide Dogs in a news release. 

The Dogfather’s puppies have been affectionately nicknamed Triglets by guide dog owners and volunteers. These pups have been guiding visually impaired and partially sighted individuals across the United Kingdom, including London, Cardiff, Glasgow, and even the Isle of Wright. 

Two of Trigger’s litters have been bred abroad at guide dog organizations in France and the Netherlands, creating guide dog partnerships in both countries. 

Trigger’s wonderful, gentle nature and excellent health have made him the perfect asset to our breeding program. We can’t overstate the impact that Trigger has in helping us to provide so many guide dogs for people with sight loss,” said Janine Dixon, Head of Breeding Operations at Guide Dogs. 

Dixon added the charity hopes that Billy, Trigger’s son, will continue his father’s legacy by joining the breeding program in a few years.

In the meantime, nine of his daughters, as well, as his half-French son Pierre, are helping us to bring forward a new generation of dogs with Trigger’s fantastic genes,” shared Guide Dogs.

When it comes to Trigger’s future, he will spend his well-earned retirement in Branbury with his Breeding Dog Volunteer Sarah Bryne, who has been looking after him for the past seven years and will now officially adopt him. 

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Nevena Nacic
Nevena Nacic

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