DIY Advent Calendar for Pets

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Your cat or dog might not be able to sip eggnog or gorge themselves on sugar cookies (like their pawrents do), but that doesn’t mean they don’t get to be a part of the holiday cheer. Include your pet in this year’s festivities by making this cute DIY advent calendar for dogs or cats- all furry besties will love it!

To put together this fun advent treat calendar, you won’t have to break the bank. In case you don’t already have most of the supplies at home, all of them can be found at a local dollar store or craft store.

You probably already have all the supplies for this DIY advent calendar at home.*a piece of sturdy cardboard
(or wood, or felt- whatever you have on hand that could work)

*dog or cat treats

*mini ziplock bags

*twine or any kind of yarn

*decorative or craft clothespins

*stickers, garland, washi tape, colorful pens (anything else you’d like to decorate with can be used, too)

*retractable utility knife or scissors (to cut out the cardboard shape)

  1. Cut out the desired shape out of cardboard. I chose a triangle, but if you’re craftier, you can go for a Christmas tree silhouette.
  2. Next, prepare the treats. Put an equal number of treats in each ziplock bag, and use numbered stickers and washi tape to decorate them.
  3. To hang the treat bags on the cardboard “tree”, you’ll need to create hanging lines from twine or yarn. Use a nail or a tapestry needle to punch through holes near the edges and pull the thread through. Control the tightness of the yarn by tying each strand in a bow behind the cardboard.
  4. Hang decorated treat bags on the twine with craft clothespins, and add ornaments to your liking. I opted for a lightweight felt garland and a wooden Santa ornament on the top.
  5. That’s it! All that remains is to treat your pooch or kitty to a tasty nom each day of the Advent season!