DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs: Lego Dogo

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Lego my Dogo! Lego was a favorite toy of mine back in the day. There was no limit as to what you could build. It kept me out of trouble for hours… but because I didn’t like to clean up after myself, they often got lodged in my mom’s foot!

There’s no chance that Oscar will get stepped on when he’s wearing his Lego Dogo costume. I didn’t even need to buy anything to make this DIY dog costume – I already had what I needed hanging around the house. And chances are, you do, too!

DIY-lego-dog-1You’ll need:

  • Shoebox (or other appropriately sized box)
  • 6 Plastic cups (all the same size)
  • Spray paint (any color you’d like – I went with blue)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Elastic straps
  • Velco tape


  1. Cut a large enough hole at one end of the box – it needs to be big enough for your dog’s head to fit through, as well as comfortably turn his head.
  2. Glue six plastic cups to the top. They should be spaced about 1 inch apart.
  3. Spray paint the cups and the box all the same color. Paint in an area that’s well ventilated.
  4. Secure costume with elastic straps. Velcro tape can be added to the straps for easy on and off.