DIY Towel Mitten for Dogs

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This summer, we’re having a lot of rainy days. And rainy days mean muddy garden, which in turn means a lot of dirty paws trying to find their way to the living room sofa. As I don’t have a mudroom, and washing 7 four-legged furballs each time they’re coming inside from the backyard is out of the question (ain’t nobody got time for that), I wanted a quick and easy solution to keep their paws clean and, consequently, all of my furniture, too. That’s how the towel mitten came to be! If you want a cute, cheap, and a practical solution for your pet’s muddy paws, read on.

Fold the towel in two, with its right side facing each other. Following the diagram below, sew where needed, leaving openings for your hand and your pet’s paw. If you want to have a hanging loop for the paw mitten, stitch the ribbon in the top left corner. In case you have a towel that’s too large, cut in half before proceeding with the sewing.

To make this DIY towel mitten, you'll need a piece of absorbent fabric (such as hand towel) and basic sewing skills.

Turn the mitten inside out- and that’s it. You’re now fully armed to against muddy paws! Of course, I’d personally recommend a towel that’s of a darker color, as stains will be less apparent. But, hey, a white towel with cute cupcakes really photographs well- I couldn’t resist!

Take this DIY towel mitten with you on the road, or hand in your foyer to have it at hand when your dog's paws get dirty!