Gift Guide: Must-Have Essentials For The Holidays

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

It’s that time of year, and you know your best pal is at the top of the good list. The holidays are bustling, and we want to make sure you have all the holiday must-haves to keep your pet peppy throughout the season!

You know how you feel exhilarated, exhausted, excited and overwhelmed during the holidays? So can your pets, and what’s worse is that they don’t even really understand what’s exactly going on. Why *can’t* they play with the ornaments on the shiny tree you put out? In fact, why put a tree inside a house at all if you’re not planning on using it for potty breaks?

And, how’d it get so cold outside? Why do our pets’ coats seem to lack some of the lusters of the carefree summer days? Why does this time of year bring on so many travel plans—many of which leave our pets missing their consistent pieces of home?

So many questions, but the good news is that we have all the answers for pampering our pets this holiday season – check them out!

How To Combat Holiday Stress For Pets

Houseguests, late nights, loud music and new surroundings can leave even the most laid-back pet on edge. Here are some great products to combat holiday stress.

Green Coast Pet CBD Products

Green Coast Pet is an innovator in the emerging CBD market, by becoming the first brand to be granted the National Animal Supplement Council’s (NASC) Quality Seal on their entire line of CBD based products.

Their Lickable Actives are functional peanut butters that provide an effective and delicious way to deliver supplements to your pet. These all-natural butters have no added salt, sugar, hydrogenated oils, gluten, wheat, corn, or soy. Dogs love them as a treat in a toy or right off the spoon! Flavors include:

  • Lickable Actives Calming
  • Lickable Actives Hip & Joint Discomfort Support
  • Lickable Actives PCR Hemp Extract
  • Lickable Actives with Probiotics & Prebiotics

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oils

from Green Coast Pet are high-quality tinctures with a focus on better results for your pets. Available for Dog, Cats and Horses, these full-spectrum cannabinoids are all made with hemp grown in the USA. NASC Certified. The various strengths are as follows:

  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs (100mg)
  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs (250mg)
  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs (500mg)
  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Cats (100mg)

Hemp + SuperBlend Soft Chews.

Green Coast also has Full-Spectrum Hemp Chews for dogs and cats. They’re also NASC certified and they promote health and relaxation for your furry friend deliciously and naturally.

And if you’re looking for some extra inflammatory support this season, check out Green Coast Pet’s Hemp + SuperBlend Soft Chews. They’re packed with benefits for your dog along with 2.5mg of PCR Hemp Extract per chew. Made with a water-soluble nano-emulsion technology, the hemp extract in these chews is up to 6x more bioavailable to the dog than any oil. These also contain 600 mg of active ingredients per chew for maximum benefits. In addition to their proprietary hemp blend and the benefits of hemp, Green Coast Pet has included turmeric, Boswellia errata and green-lipped mussel to support hip/joint function and a healthy inflammatory response. All hemp products are completely THC free. They’re available in Chicken and Whitefish Flavors.

Bella Roma Travel Bowls and Travel Double Diners from Loving Pets’

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Pet Travel Essentials

Whether you’re road-tripping to Grandma’s or just taking it to your local dog park holiday party, you’ll want to make sure you have these pet travel essentials.

Bella Roma Travel Bowls and Travel Double Diners from Loving Pets’

Loving Pets’ Bella® Roma™ Travel Bowls + Travel Double Diners are the ultimate bowl for pets and pet-parents on-the-go! Patent-pending designs feature integrated locking lids to store food and built-in legs to support the bowl/diner. This prevents unwanted collapses while your pet is feeding or drinking. While collapsed down, they are nice and flat to put in a bag or purse easily. Dishwasher safe and BPA-free, Bella’s Roma Travel Collection can be packed flat, or be hung from a backpack, purse, belt loop, or even leash with the included carabiner.

It’s Purely Natural Freeze Dried Treats for Cats

Loving Pets’ It’s Purely Natural Freeze Dried Treats for cats are purely simple, purely delicious and 100% all-natural. Freeze Dried to maintain freshness and nutrition, they contain no additives, byproducts, fillers or artificial preservatives. They are wheat, gluten, soy, grain, and glycerin free. These bite-sized, soft chew treats are the perfect, healthy, guilt-free treat. And your cat won’t be *so* mad you’ve stuffed them in a carrier! There are three yummy flavors: Chicken, Shrimp and Buffalo.

Houndations Treats

What’s an adventure without some yummy treats to take along? Loving Pets’ Houndations Bite-Sized USA Treats are all-natural, bite-sized, soft-chew dog treats are for small dogs that are 100% made in the USA. Matching carabiners on every bag make this the perfect “on-the-go” snack. The grain, wheat, gluten, soy and corn free treats are available in five yummy flavors: beef, chicken, duck, lamb and salmon.


Gently Dried Treats for Dogs and Cats

These delicious single-ingredient treats for dogs and cats are sourced in the USA and cooked in the kitchen of Evanger’s. These unique protein-packed treats are rich in essential fatty acids. They are gluten-free, grain-free, and never use additives or artificial ingredients. And, doggos and kittehs alike love them! Flavors include: Beef Tripe, Wild Salmon, Beef Lungs and Beef Hearts.

Robusto Cat Bowls

Speaking of yummy flavors …let’s not forget to include our furry friends in holiday feasting!

Robusto Cat Bowls

Robusto Cat Bowls from Loving Pets are built for extreme durability. They feature solid, heavy gauge stainless steel construction paired with simple designs on brightly colored, bacteria-resistant, ceramic-like interiors. RobustoBowls are so tough, they survived a durability test: Loving Pets’ ran one over with a 6500 lb. truck without a dent or crack! Talk about being holiday ready!

Bella Spill-Proof Mats for Dogs and Cats

These Bella mats from Loving Pets’ stylishly prevent splashes and retain spills. Bella Spill-Proof Dog Mats have raised edges for maximum spill capacity (you know how those jowls roll over a holiday turkey!). They are slip-resistant with a bone-embossed surface, and have anti-skid feet to prevent slips, slides, noise and floor damage. They’re also non-toxic, BPA-free and quality tested. They can be used both indoors and outside. They clean easily – just rinse with water. The cat mats do the same, so your festive feline can dig in easily too!

Organic Turkey and ButterNut Squash Dinner

And don’t forget the most important part is what goes into the bowl!

Organic Turkey and ButterNut Squash Dinner

Consider Organic Turkey and ButterNut Squash Dinner from Evanger’s for your cat’s dining delight. It’s made from superior quality utilizes certified organic ingredients so that your feline can enjoy a long and healthy life! Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, this holistic dinner is naturally cooked in its own juices.

Against the Grain Chicken Mayflower with Turnips Dinner

Made with your furry feline’s feasting in mind, Against the Grain Chicken Mayflower With Turnips Dinner is totally different and the perfect festive feast for your feline. The white meat chicken and turnips are hand-selected and packed with a blend of unique proteins and superfoods. They give your cat the most healthy, palatable, complete and balanced dinner. High levels of glucosinolates from turnips provide anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-parasitic benefits, a natural source of calcium, and is grain & gluten-free.

Organic Turkey with Potato & Carrots Dinner

Doggies go wild for Organic Turkey with Potato & Carrots from Evanger’s USA. It combines turkey with organic market-fresh vegetables to create a wholesome dinner they can’t wait to devour. Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages, Organics Turkey with Potato & Carrots Dinner is certified organic by Oregon Tilth and GMO, hormone, antibiotic and grain-free. Organic Turkey is also endorsed by the cRc Kosher for Passover.

One Ingredient: Turkey and Nothing Else

Turkey and Nothing Else from Against the Grain is unlike any other product on the shelves with its unique loaf-in-gravy consistency and texture. Ingredients are singular, which means this entire product line is grain & gluten-free, no gums, corn, wheat, soy or water added. Made in the USA, One Ingredient: Nothing Else is 100% Paleo. It’s also available Beef, Salmon, Chicken, Duck and Pork, and trust us…your dog will approve!

The Missing Link® Smartmouth™ Dental Chews

Santa Loves Those Pearly Whites and Shiny Coats!

Oral health and hygiene are vital for our pets. Don’t let this time of year mean their gums and teeth take a backseat!

The Missing Link® Smartmouth™ Dental Chews

These textured and multifunctional chews clean teeth and deliver daily health benefits. The unique ridges help fight plaque and tartar buildup and the textured groves help deep clean teeth for fresh breath. The balanced omegas promote healthy skin and shiny coat, while the glucosamine helps support mobility and hip and joint health. They’re available in three sizes.

Ora-Bone™ by Loving Pets

Ora-Bone by Loving Pets is patent-pending and designed to do dental BETTER. THREE breath-freshening ingredients fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut, while Ora-Bone’s unique design has up to TWO TIMES the cleaning surface area of similar products! Every surface has a dental feature. They’re available in three sizes for any sized dog, and are 100% MADE IN THE USA.

ELITE Products

EQyss Elite is a line of sulfate & paraben-free shampoos and moisturizing sprays. They are infused with the perfect blend of oils & extracts that leave your pet’s coat clean, moisturized and holiday-ready in one easy bathing routine. They leave your pup smelling perfect for the holidays, and they look like a million bucks too. You can try the Elite Conditioning Shampoo for shine and luster, or the Elite Anti-Itch Shampoo is helpful during this time of year for dry and itchy skin. Don’t forget the Elite Moisturizing Detangling Spray to keep the winter mats and misery away!

The Missing Link® Collagen Care

Deck The Halls of Winter With Wellness

We all want to stay ahead of germs during the holiday season! These products are sure to help.

The Missing Link® Collagen Care

The Missing Link is known for filling the nutritional gap that regular pet food leaves behind. They’ve launched Collagen Care™ as the newest addition to their supplemental line-up, which concentrates on replenishing collagen. Adding collagen peptides to your pet’s diet has many advantages. In fact, the supplement can significantly improve your dog’s health because it is highly soluble, digestible, and easily absorbed. It replenishes the 30% of total protein in a dog’s body that consists of collagen. Available in 3 formulations, providing 3 distinct benefits to your dog and will be a must-have this holiday season.

Green Coast Pet Pill-a-Pet

Pill-a-Pet is the perfect pill helper for your pet. You just tear off the amount you need to coat any size pill and then powder or oil the bacon-flavored wrap. It will stick snugly to the medicine, but all your pup will know is he’s getting a great-tasting treat. The Pill Paste is formulated with probiotics since most of the pills your pet will take (particularly antibiotics, pain medications etc.) may affect intestinal microbial population. A dose of good bacteria will help pets overcome the adverse effect of pills they have to take on their stomachs. Each serving (2 grams) is enriched with Bacillus coagulans and is free of corn, wheat, soy and byproducts. There are 60 wraps per bag, so plenty to keep your pet healthy this winter.

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