Let Your Pooch Strut Their Stuff in These Adorable Dog Leggings

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Whether you’re a proud owner of a little doggy fashionista or simply live in an area where weather dictates it, chances are that a pair (or a few) of dog booties is in your pet’s closet. And if it is, you already know that they can be a pain in the behind. Yours, when it’s time to put them on your wiggling pet, and your dog’s when it’s time to actually wear them. Walkee Paws are dog booties reinvented in a way that ensures comfort and ease of use- all while making your pet look adorable as heck.

Walkee Paws are dog booties reinvented

There are some good boys and girls out there that wear their paw gear like champs. For most, though, booties are a hassle, as they feel weird and tight and can restrict their blood flow. The unique design of the Walkee Paws is meant to prevent discomfort- your pooch won’t even feel these leggings on.

Unlike standard dog booties that fit tightly around a dog’s ankle, these stretchy dog leggings have a patent-pending adjustable connector that goes over their back. This way, all you gotta do is place the connected straps on your pet’s back and slide your doggo’s paws into the sock part and voila! You’re ready for your walk. Here’s a video of how you should do it:

In addition to being fashionable and unusual, Walkee Paws dog leggins are also very functional. These dog booties are fully waterproof and will keep your pooch’s paws safe from rain, snow, salt and nasty germs that can be found on any sidewalk. In hot weather, they keep those jelly beans away from lawn chemicals, pesticides, and allergens. You could let your pooch muck in the mud with these on and they could be on your sofa 5 minutes later without getting anything dirty. Just take off their leggings, run them through water and hang to dry. Simple as that!

Walkee Paws dog leggins come in 4 patterns 3 sizes and cost between $19.99 and $29.99. Check them out on Amazon or through Walkee Paws website if you’re looking for some unique stocking stuffers for your pampered pet!