Pet Hack Of The Week: Find Your Lost Pet

It’s a pet parent’s worst nightmare – your beloved pet has wandered away from home. Keep tabs on your pet with Tile, a simple and inexpensive way to find your lost pet.

Do you have a wanderer in your life? A cat that enjoys discovering the neighborhood, or a dog that likes to chase anything that moves but can’t always remember how to get home? Whatever it may be, the feeling of not knowing where your four-legged friend is can be stressful.

This simple and inexpensive pet hack that can track your furry friend’s location may be exactly what you need. There are several pet specific GPS devises on the market that boast the ability to track your pet. The downside to those are the cost, the majority of the pet GPS trackers start at roughly $79 and up. For a similar result at a fraction of the price you can outfit your pet with Tile.

Originally designed to help people find their misplaced keys and other personal items, Tile is the size of a pet ID tag and is a Bluetooth tracking device that can be followed through a free app on your smartphone. Simply attach Tile to your pet’s collar and download the free app to see where on the map they are located. Bluetooth technology works within a given range, which is also why Tile allows you to mark in the app that your pet is lost. With a large community of Tile users, anyone who comes within proximity of your pet will be notified that they are lost and nearby.

Now if you could only find your keys…

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Christina Raymond
Christina Raymond

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