Pet Hack Of The Week: Finding Hidden Urine Stains

Pet accidents happen. When they go unnoticed they can get pretty stinky and be tricky to find. With an inexpensive UV black light you can make finding hidden urine stains anywhere in your home a breeze.

There are several reasons why your pet may pee in the house instead of in the yard or the litter box. When accidents happen, whatever the reason, it can be quite tricky to sniff out there exact location once they’ve dried.

A great tool to aid you in finding hidden urine stains around the house is an inexpensive UV black light flashlight. These flashlights are known to help people locate and avoid scorpions in the desert or check dollar bills to see if they’re counterfeit, but they also work exceptionally well to find a hidden pet mess on any indoor surface. The only downside to owning one is that once you find the mess, it’s time to get cleaning... but at least the smell will be gone!

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Christina Raymond
Christina Raymond

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