PetSafe’s PetLoo Makes Potty Breaks Easy

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
If you’re potty training, live in a condo or apartment, or travel in a boat or RV, the Petsafe PetLoo is the ideal bathroom break for any size of dog.

While felines are typically self-sufficient when it comes to dealing with a full bladder (thank goodness for litter boxes), not so with pooches. Although a quick run around the block or dash into the backyard may temporarily suffice when you’re away from the house for short periods of time, puddles and more do happen when your little guy is left too long. And when you add in icy, winter climates where walks aren’t always possible, vacations that involve an RV or boat where potty breaks can be few and far between, seniors who may not always be up for several walks in a day or pups whose tiny bladders make house training a 24-hour project, you really have to wonder why only cats have a litter box.

That was the light-bulb moment and the catalyst to the creation of the Pet Loo Pet Toilet.

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The PetSafe PetLoo is an indoor/outdoor toilet designed for use by dogs, cats and small pets and it’s a pretty effective answer to when nature calls.

Because the solid waste remains atop the grass, your stoop-and-scoop skills will never get rusty. Simply scoop, toss and rinse the grass with warm water. Replacement “sod” should be installed every six to 12 months.

Teaching your pooch to use the PetLoo is dead simple and each system comes with an instructional rewards-based video with tips such as “if your dog likes to lift his leg to mark his spot, place a short vertical object like a disposable cup in the middle of the Pet Loo, then remove it once your pooch becomes comfortable with this new method of urination”.

In addition to the video, the PetLoo includes

  • Grass pad pets potty on
  • Reinforced plastic base with angled tray top
  • Removable waste container to catch liquid
  • 1 Disposable Pee Pod to fit in waste container
  • Wee Sponge powder trial-size amount; lasts a few days

Because PetSafe is determined to help us pet parents enjoy our fur-kids without the worry of unexpected accidents and stinky odors, they have also developed a series of really well-priced products for use in the home including:

  • Whiff Off – an all-natural deodorizer that is free of chemicals and uses a unique enzyme formula to remove the actual cause of the smell (fats and proteins in the urine) and acts as a deterrent to your pet.
  • Pup Care – a naturally effective way to clean your pooch’s living quarters. The enzyme formula breaks down the fats and proteins found in saliva, body oils and urine and is a great way to keep his bedding, carrier or kennel clean and sweeter smelling.
Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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