Product Review: P.L.A.Y. California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed

Now that dogs are living longer (yay!), we need products that will help them live their best golden years. That’s why we’re reviewing the P.L.A.Y. California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed.

My French Bulldog, Gizmo, has become increasingly high maintenance over the years, and at the ripe old age of nine, one of the things he is pickiest about is his bed.

As an early Christmas present, I decided to take an opportunity to spoil my pooch and get him (what I perceived) to be the best pet bed on the market, the Casper Dog Bed. I was dismayed to learn that in fact, he preferred the floor.

After sending the Casper back, I began to hunt for a new bed that would be a comfortable option for my elderly dog whose hips couldn’t take one more night on the hardwood. That’s when I found the P.L.A.Y California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed.

What I Love About the P.L.A.Y. California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed

The P.L.A.Y. California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed was immediately (and quite literally) an attractive option for me because as far as looks go, it truly stands out from the other pet beds on the market. In addition to its neutral color and clean lines, I knew my dog would benefit from a memory foam mattress that would alleviate some of the pressure in his joints (primarily his hips). I was overjoyed to learn that the bed is marketed as just that; an ideal option for older dogs who need extra support on their joints.

One of the things I like most about the bed (besides its look) is that it has a plush, curved bolster that creates a safe place for my pup to curl up on the memory foam center. I particularly like that the bolster is rounded, as opposed to square, which encourages a posture that tends to limit snoring. As a bonus, the bolster is full of an eco-friendly PlanetFill® stuffing, and the center cushion is protected by a water-resistant liner which is perfect for unexpected accidents and makes cleanup easy if your dog happens to be a drooler (mine is!)

Here’s a breakdown of the specs:

  • 100% high-density memory foam, with a water-resistant liner to keep it protected from any accidents
  • Supportive bolster filled with the perfect amount and density of high-loft PlanetFill® filler
  • Breathable microfiber cover
  • Lead-free zipper to keep avid chewers safe from toxins and leather logo
  • Furniture-grade craftsmanship and even-basting stitching ensures dog-years of use
  • Eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles
  • The cover is machine washable and dryer friendly (*Remove memory foam cushion with liner before washing. If needed, you can spot clean with water and mild detergent).

Some Assembly Required

You won’t need any tools, but there is some assembly needed. First off, remove the bed from its packaging and place it flat on the floor.

  1. Hold the upper and lower layers, while grabbing onto the duvet cover and some filling, and pull gently in opposite directions a few times. Repeat this along the circumference of the bed. Move toward the center of the bed and do the same.
  2. Pat the 4 walls of the bed to allow the filling to expand snugly to the shape of the duvet.
  3. Lastly, pat the upper layer a few times and your bed is now all ready for your pup to jump in!

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, this bed is beautiful and will blend into virtually any decor. It was effortless to assemble, and it’s eco-friendly materials resulted in practically no chemical smell whatsoever (a miracle given how noxious memory foam products can tend to be).

My dog genuinely seems to enjoy the bed and has spent a lot of time in it over the past two weeks. Its neutral grey color hides pet grime quite well, and as a result, the bed looks (almost) as fresh as the day I assembled it. The memory foam center is quite firm, yet soft, and when I slide my hand under the mattress while my dog is laying on it, I can tell that the foam is preventing him from having any contact with the hard floor, which means it’s cushioning his joints precisely as it should.

The furniture-grade craftsmanship and even-basting stitching are evident when you look at the bed; it really does seem to be well made. And the Breathable microfiber cover makes wiping up/spot cleaning very easy, which I love.

What I Don’t Love About the P.L.A.Y. California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed

Have you ever seen your dog scratch and dig around in their bed for a couple of minutes before laying down? Well, with this particular bed, the microfiber cover is quite tightly pulled over the memory foam mattress, and there’s no excess fabric for my dog to move around. As a result, he scratches the microfiber fabric excessively (for whatever reason) to try and get comfortable and the result is a loud, annoying noise that can literally wake me up in the night. I think that if the fabric were a little bit looser and more pliable, the sound would be substantially less and overall, the bed would be better suited to a dog’s natural habits — something to think about if you’re a light sleeper.

My only other complaint is also design related. Unfortunately, the bed’s bolster is not removable, only the foam mattress. Therefore, you have to remove the mattress and put the cover, bolster and all, into the washing machine. To be honest, I have yet to try this as I am terrified that the bolster will lose its shape in the wash. I don’t understand why the manufacturer didn’t just install a zipper along the seam of the bolster so it could be easily removed before washing. Fingers crossed that I don’t ruin this beauty in the machine.

The Verdict

When it comes to dog beds, there are a million out there, and the vast majority aren’t that remarkable. Overall, the P.L.A.Y. California Dreaming bed is a winner and the pros far outweigh the cons. I would recommend this bed to anyone who has an older dog that needs a little extra support, and to anyone that cares about having their dogs bed blend into their decor (this is a must, for me at least!)

1 Month Update

After four weeks of constant use, my dog had thoroughly soiled his sleek new P.L.A.Y. bed, and it was time (at last) to throw caution to the wind and wash it. As I previously mentioned, I was nervous about machine cleaning the bed’s cover because it is impossible to remove the bolster and I was concerned that it would lose its lovely shape in the wash. I am happy to report that the bed held up well in the washing machine (and dryer!) and it came out super clean and kept its shape beautifully. My dog missed his new bed so much while it was being cleaned that he laid on the bare cushion until the bed was reassembled and returned to him!

Marie Van Wassenhoven
Marie Van Wassenhoven

Marie Van Wassenhoven lives in Toronto with her partner, and one of a kind French Bulldog, Gizmo. Marie has had a passion for critters (big and small) since she was a young child. She particularly has a soft spot for rescues and senior animals, and it's not uncommon to find her trying her darndest to re-home an animal in need.

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