Quirky Safety Hacks Makes For Dog’s Sake! Essential Reading

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Who knew that learning about dog safety could be so fun! Amy Luwis’s new book is a simple, illustrated guide to essential canine safety info and tips.

Let’s be honest, our pets are that proverbial “accident waiting to happen”.

Whether it’s a sprained joint from too much outdoor exploration or a vomit-fest following a last minute dumpster dive, our pooches are like kids who will forever be two years old – always looking for something to get into. And always finding it.

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Now for those of us who’ve survived those last minute dashes to the vet when Rover’s symptoms turn serious, we’ve come to sort of roll with the punches. We make the effort to keep the obvious dangers out of reach (thinking sharp knives, alcohol and chocolate) but don’t our clever little guys always surprise us with a new and unique way to injure/poison/choke? I wonder what went through that pet parent’s mind in Oregon… the one where surgery for an unspecified “blockage” revealed his Great Dane had eaten 43 socks. What do you say to the vet? Sorry, I don’t pick up my socks?

The truth is that our homes are not only filled with the obvious health and safety risks for pets but the less obvious as well and this is where co-founder of Adoptapet.com, Amy Luwis comes to the rescue. Her dog safety book, “For Dog’s Sake, is a practical guide to navigating the hidden dangers and “bad situations” that lurk in our homes. For example, did you know that the number one cause of pet poisoning is consumption of human medications and that your cheery Christmas snow globe is filled with deadly anti-freeze?

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Luwis’ book takes a whimsical approach to educating us as pet parents, but the message couldn’t be more serious. From accidents and first aid advice to tips on diet, exercise, grooming and even how to interpret pooch poop – the book is an essential read for those of us who love our pets and have maybe become a little complacent about home safety. It’s a fun and easy read and its small size means you can keep it on the ready for when emergencies happen.

Even better, a portion of all proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly to helping sick and injured rescue and shelter pets. You can pick up your copy of For Dog’s Sake at Amazon.

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Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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