Running Buddy Helps You Go Hands-Free on Dog Walk

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Don’t get bogged down on your dog walks and runs. Keep your essentials out of your hands and secured to your hip with the Running Buddy Pouch!

You’re a runner. You’re a dog owner. You’re a running dog owner who loves to take the little guy out for an early morning jaunt every chance you get.

You also have that endless checklist of “stuff” you need to bring each time you head out the door: water bottle, iPhone, ID, sunglasses, keys, poop bags, treats, leash and finally, an excited pooch tugging you down the front steps.

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As runners, we all know that nothing takes the fun out of a brisk summer jog or walk faster than having to wear a bulky jacket /pants just so you can utilize the pockets to stash away all those necessities (let’s not talk about fanny packs) and that’s why the Running Buddy is so great. There are no belts, no buttons or snaps, just a couple of strong magnets that attach to the waistband of your pants. One magnet flap goes inside the pant top, one outside and then the nylon pouch is fully secured and ready to hold your running-with-Rover essentials.

The original unit aired on Shark Tank back in 2014 and was picked up by patent-guru and multi-million dollar shark Lori Greiner. With her support, more than 275,000 Running Buddies have been sold and the unit has been featured on the Hallmark Channel, in Travel + Leisure Magazine and also received the Product Innovation Award at the International Travel Show! The price points are fully in line with what you would expect to pay at any good running store – ranging between $20-30– and they even have offshoot products like an iPhone hand-band and even glow in the dark shoe clips.

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How well does it work? One of Running Buddy’s website testimonials is from a dude who ran a 100 mile endurance race over the course of 23 hours – with a Chihuahua at his side! He claims no chaff, no bounce, and no sweat for the entire route. Okay, I lied about the Chihuahua, but you get the drift.

It’s bulging pockets or streamlined pouch – the choice is yours. Check out the various styles on Running Buddy’s website and remember that shipping within the US is only $1 and can be filled within 1-2 days (loads of time for Father’s Day!) Outside of the US it takes 3-6 weeks and although customs and shipping will be a little extra, it still makes this unit one sweet gift for the dog walker, runner, traveler in your life.

Mary Simpson is an animal-loving writer and communications professional. A soft touch for anything stray, she shares her century home with an eclectic collection of rescues that include orange tabby Chico, tuxedo Simon, and jet black Owen. She enjoys running, politics, exploring local wine regions and is an avid supporter of the “shop local” movement.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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