SnuggleSafe’s Heating Pad for Pets Keeps Fur Kids Warm and Cozy This

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
The temperatures are reaching all time lows and it makes us want to crawl under the covers. If you’re looking to keep your pet toasty, pop SnuggleSafe’s Heating Pad for Pets in the microwave and sleep tight!

Perfect for the home, the car, the cottage or camping, the SnuggleSafe heating pad for pets ensures your little guy continues to remain warm and cozy long after temperatures drop. Best of all, you don’t have to fumble with cords and wires or look for an electrical outlet – just pop it in any microwave oven for a few minutes and your pet will be enjoying a comfy warm bed for up to 10 hours.

The compact SnuggleSafe heat pad is designed to pack easily for travel and is made from a non-toxic thermapol compound that ensures its safe for the most robust chewer. The pad’s plush, paw-print cover creates a soft, cushioned buffer between your pet and the actual heating core so you never need to worry about burns or injury.

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What makes this pet bed warmer so versatile is it’s 11-inch design – about the size of a regular dinner plate – that fits into most microwave ovens, heats quickly and can then be tucked neatly under your pet’s favorite blanket or bed to keep him snug and comfy for hours.

This super efficient and long-lasting heat source is perfect for the overnight comfort of pets in cooler climates, for older dogs who struggle with the cold and for smaller or short-haired breeds who need a little extra protection from the chill. Within 3 hours of activation the SnuggleSafe heating pad will stabilize at a comfortable 120 degrees Fahrenheit where it will remain for another five hours, gently warming your pet’s bedding and blankets before beginning to slowly lose heat over the next couple of hours.

Want to warm up the relationship with your pet? The SnuggleSafe heat pad is available at Amazon and comes in a variety of sizes, so pets of all sizes can keep warm all winter long!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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