TaoTronics UV Blacklight Solves the Case of the Invisible Dog Pee Pudd

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Something smells funny, and you’re determined to find the source. But a good detective needs the right tools to crack the case – and the TaoTronics UV Blacklight has got your back!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to seek out and eradicate that wretched smell that’s been lingering in your home. You know someone’s been naughty, but you can’t quite pin down the culprit or the location and with warm weather approaching, this assignment has just been elevated to urgent.

Fear not, we have the technology. Actually you can have the technology; I just wanted to use that meme from the Six Million Dollar Man. Said technology is the TaoTronics UV blacklight.

This simple sleuthing device looks like your average flashlight, but its 51 LED lights and wider scope are designed to clearly illuminate large areas to help quickly identify the cause of the odor; whether it be dried pet urine stains on floors, carpets, clothing or food stains on a table or counter. The UV blacklight works by illuminating the phosphors emanating from the smelly source. Those phosphors produce a special glow that is invisible to the naked eye, but when you, in your role as Chief Pee Detective, arrive on the scene with your UV blacklight, well, case closed.

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The actual flashlight unit is made from heavy duty aluminum alloy with a handy wrist strap so you never need worry about dropping your equipment should you be tripped up during your investigation. Of course you need protective gear on such a mission so the TaoTronics UV blacklight comes with a pair of UV sunglasses to protect your eyes from overexposure to the UV lights.

And the TaoTronics UV blacklight does more than just zero in on pet perps, it can also be used to authenticate currency, driver licenses, passports and even spot scorpions for those living in areas where the little stingers can be a problem. It comes with three Duracell AAA alkaline batteries that will allow for up to three hours of sleuthing.

Sadly, it cannot identify the urinating offender. You’ll need a line-up for that.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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