Top Spectacular Stocking Stuffers for Dogs

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A perfect plush for your pup, and let’s face it – who doesn’t love a llama? You also get the choice of a colorful unicorn, and ZippyPaws included a squeaker for furry fun. This small squeaky toy makes for a great stocking-stuffer and should give your pup hours of fun playtime.

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The poof activity tracker keeps track of your dog where ever she is

The Poof Pea activity tracker helps give you all the information you never knew you needed to know about your pet! It’s a small, lightweight tracker that monitors your pet’s activity, sleep and even calories consumed to make sure that he’s the healthiest he can be. All the data uploads to an app and you can even be part of a pet-loving social network so you can all gush over how amazing your pets are!

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You can’t just have one look for your pup this holiday season. After all, there are too many parties to attend, and too many walks at the dog park to be seen in the same outfit more than once! These three-piece set by Weewooday offers three different holiday looks that your pup can sport casually, or to an elegant holiday party. There’s a black plaid, red plaid, and a grey print that looks great on male and female pups. Each harness even has an adorable bowtie that brings the elegance up a notch. 

These particular harness vests are made for puppies and smaller breed dogs, so this won’t be a great option if you have a German Shepherd or Mastiff. They’re easy to put on with a simple slide on, and there is a D-ring clip to attach the matching leash that comes with each harness. It’s also available in three sizes: small, medium and large. This is a perfect stocking stuffer, or for them to enjoy leading up to the holiday season!

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We heard your dog likes Christmas stockings, so we put a Christmas stocking in his Christmas stocking! This interactive dog toy is a great choice for a gift at any moment, but the festive design makes it perfect for the holidays. Shaped as a stocking, this plush toy hides a secret: 3 plush squeaky bones your dog will enjoy digging out of the stocking. This promotes nose work, keeps your pupper engaged for hours on end, and it’s appropriate for dogs of all ages. The size makes it suitable for small and medium sized breeds, but not if they’re aggressive chewers.

In addition to the festive stocking-shaped toy, you can choose between 17 different designs, many of them holiday-themed, such as a Gingerbread House or Santa’s workshop. The choice is yours, and whichever design you pick you can rest assured that your four-legged bestie will be ecstatic on Christmas morning when they get to play with it!

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Pawtection will protect your pet's paws

This is a must-have for your pet during the holidays and all-year round. Think of it as rub-on shoes for your pup – it’ll protect those precious and sensitive paws from the elements of winter. Cold ground, salt and snow will be no match for Pawtection, and it’s great for the summer, too, when the ground is too hot to touch. Stock up for the whole year!

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The snow and cold of winter may look beautiful around Christmas time, creating a winter wonderland scene to celebrate the holidays. However, it’s often accompanied by bitterly cold temperatures. Why not include something special to keep your pet warm this holiday season?

Canada Pooch is a Canadian-owned company, based in Toronto, Canada. If there’s anything that Canadians know well, it’s how to deal with the winter cold.

The Sierra Scarf is a knit scarf made from 100% acrylic material. This means that it won’t just look stylish on your dog, but it’s also easy to clean! The knit design creates a stretchy, comfortable fit with neck circumference sizes ranging from 9″ to 23″.  

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