Top 10 Spectacular Stocking Stuffers for Dogs

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This llama toy will make every stocking happy

1. Llama Dog Toy. A perfect plush for your pup, and let’s face it–who doesn’t love a llama? Especially with an adorable hat! Top Paw included a squeaker for furry fun, and it’s exclusive at Petsmart so get ’em while you can!

The poof activity tracker keeps track of your dog where ever she is

2. Poof Pea Activity Tracker. The Poof Pea activity tracker helps give you all the information you never knew you needed to know about your pet! It’s a small, lightweight tracker that monitors your pet’s activity, sleep and even calories to make sure that he is the healthiest he can be! All the data uploads to an app and you can even be part of a pet-loving social network so you can all ooh and ahh about how amazing your pets are!

These treats are ho ho ho delicious

3. Ho Ho Ho Cookies. These yummy natural treats are made with hard-to-resist peanut butter flavor and your dog will tear that stocking up to get to them. They’re only at PetSmart, and will have your dog driving you there for more when they’re gone!

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This fair Isle harness will keep your pet nice and warm this winter

4. Fair Isle Dog Harness. This festive dog harness from the Time for Joy Collection at Petco will make your pictures the merriest and your pooch the warmest. It is lightly padded so your doggy will be comfy as he’s stylish, and you’ll certainly have the most dapper pup of them all!

This sweater combo is perfect for hunting for the Christmas tree

5. Fair Isle Dog Harness. This adorable set from Bond & Co. will be the perfect sweater set for hunting down the Christmas tree! It is extra warm for your dog (not to mention adorbs) and the red and black check pattern will make all the holiday pictures look extra warm and wintry!

No one will recognize your dog in his holiday mustache

6. Holiday Mustache Squeaky Toy.  Holy holiday cuteness! This fun squeaker toy doubles as a prop for your pooch to be a festive secret agent! Your dog holds onto the grey ball on the back of the mustache and enjoys the squeaky toy, while you get loads of giggles and pictures when you see the mustached face of your pup! One of our faves!

These festive bones will make statements

7. Muttropolis Tartan Bone Toy. These canvas bone toys have a squeaker for your pup’s engagement, and the cutest sayings ever to celebrate the howlidays! Whether your pooch is “Santa’s Little Yelper,” or a “Felize Naughty Dog,” they’re sure to be singing gleefully on that “Oh Howley Night” when they see these in their stockings!

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These rope toys help keep teeth clean

8. Muttropolis Holiday Rope Toy. These braided rope toys from Muttropolis will keep your pups occupied and festive, and we love that the rope in the toys will also help keep your dog’s gums and teeth nice and clean. They have the adorable sayings that will make them merry and bright and are perfect for stockings!

Pawtection will protect your pet's paws

9. Pawtection Protection Balm. This is a must-have for your pet during the holidays and all-year round, really. Think of it as rub-on shoes for your pup–it’ll protect those precious and sensitive paws from the elements of winter. Cold ground, salt and snow will be no match for Pawtection, and it’s great for summer too when the ground is oh-so-hot. Stock up for all year!

The infinity scarf will keep your pet's neck nice and warm

10. Nordic Infinity Scarf. It’s cold outside and you bundle up, right? Make sure your furry friend has some warmth around the neck too with this Nordic Infinity Scarf by Muttropolis. It’s handmade in Peru and the alpaca wool will keep your pup’s neck super warm and cozy. Plus, they’ll be oh-so-sharply dressed when out and about!