14 Loveable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you don’t want to leave your best boy (or gal) out of the love! Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for your furry loves.

My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day–the first one nearly 25 years ago almost landed us in divorce court, so we canceled it. We DO celebrate the day after, however, so we can chow down on some half-priced chocolate roses, and we make sure we love up on our son and our puppy girls! Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s gifts for our furry friends!

1. Love My Pup Hoodie.

So you say you love your pup? Great! Show the world with this hoodie from Petco. It is a pullover to make it easy on, easy off and your pooch will love the pom on top for that extra special flair!

2. BossPup Sweeter Vest.

BossPup Sweeter Vest. Hoodies not your dog’s thing? No sweat! This dapper sweater will have all the dogs’ tongues a waggin’ with the heart pattern. We love that Bosspup caters to wider chested dogs, but has a little something for everyone, and we really love that they donate proceeds to rescue events throughout the year!

3. Matching PJs.

Nothing says, “I love my dog!” better than wearing matching pajama sets! These thermal pajamas for pups and their humans are soft and cozy and will let your dog know you really will do just about anything for them!

4. Walk of Shame hoodie.

Is your dog that dog? It’s okay…there’s no shame in your dog doing the walk of shame, and frankly, this hilarious hoodie makes it totally worth it! Warm and snug, and lets the world know just what kind of bitch you really have.

5. My Love Is Greatest Gift Dress.

Oh.this.dress from Muttropolis! Put it on your pup and let it speak for itself–the love of your dog really is the greatest gift! Perfect for those diva doggies everywhere!

6. Love My Mommy Tank.

As if that wasn’t a given…this “Love My Mommy” tank from Muttropolis makes it abundantly clear what human is the apple of your dog’s eye. (My husband disagrees vehemently, but whatever. He knows it’s true!)

7. BossPup Bow Tie.

Bosspup joined forces with Bailey and Stitch to ensure your pup is dressed to the nines for the big day of love. Forwarning–this bowtie will bring all the bitches to the block!

8. Candy Hearts Nylon Collar.

This nylon collar from Mirage shows off the love you and your pet share with adorable nautical anchors. Perfect for that special day or year-round, your dog will feel wrapped in love and dressed for the occasion!

9. Pretty Pink Fleece Crate Pad.

This will let your crate-trained pup know they’re still the love of your life, even when in their kennels! Soft and fuzzy fleece in the color of love, it shows the festivity of the day!

10. Engraved Heart ID Tag.

This little diddy around your fur-baby’s neck will help keep her safe, but will also let everyone know she’s the love of your life. Engravable with all the “I wuff you!” you want, just remember to put your information on it to keep her safe!

11. Heart Attack Catnip Toy.

Your cat will go bonkers for this Yeeoowww Hearrrt attack catnip toy, which also encourages licking, biting and bunnykicking. We think the bunny may kick back, so we’re not sure we’d suggest that, but for sure, let your cat go wild!

12. BFF Matching shirts.

Because everyone knows your pup and your baby are the best of friends, it’s only right that they should wear matching shirts to proclaim it! Your babes (fur and human!) will be the talk of all who see them in their matchy-match outfits!

13. Squeaky Heart Toys.

These eco-friendly felted wool heart squeaky toys are meant to play ‘wuff’ with, and will help clean your dog’s teeth and give them some tug-toy love at the same time. Who doesn’t love a squeaker?

14. Anti-Slip Socks.

I admit it…I laughed at the thought of these until we had no carpet in our house and our dogs looked at us like we were smoking crack expecting them to be able to walk around without skidding everywhere. Voila…anti-slip socks, and for Love’s special day? These heart patterned socks will surely give your dog goo-goo eyes for you!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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